C&C 4 Interview: Of Games and Garlic

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[USRF]Obiwan 13th August 2009, 11:09 Quote
it smells...

Tyrmot 13th August 2009, 11:42 Quote
Elephant garlic is actually a type of leek! Who knew? Oh, and something about C&C4 was there?
The boy 4rm oz 13th August 2009, 11:47 Quote
Nice interview, it really shone some more light onto what exactly they are trying to do. Still, personally I think they are straying to far away from the true game. The whole "no base building" concept like DoW2 (even though I love that game), makes me feel like they are dumbing the game down a bit, so anyone can pick it up and play, it makes it a very level playing field for people. This can be a good thing but kinda takes the challenge away from the game, you want to be able to sneak around and cripple an enemies infrastructure, you want to be able to destroy their base, you want them to suffer before you finish them off. DoW2 is great for a quick game but personally I think C&C should stay C&C.
Evildead666 13th August 2009, 12:54 Quote
I'm not happy about the perma-online bit.
I don't want any of my games staying online at all.
If I want to go online and play multiplayer, I will.
But I don't.
I play Trackmania Nations online and thats it.

i can live with Steam being connected, but thats not as annoying as Windows Live (GTA IV) and all the other bull****.
I still won't buy GTA IV, and won't buy any other games that are perma-online.

I play single player, and cheat as I like.
if its my choice to go around in God Mode and have fun, I'm not online so i'm not bothering anyone....
Hardware150 13th August 2009, 13:04 Quote
As a fan of the series i think they should have stayed away from the massive changes to the games basic principles of build base, collect tiberium, fight enemy base. This is why the fans love C&C.
Saying that if they'd tried all these changes with a brand new RTS game they wouldn't be sure they'd get sales, at least with the C&C franchise they'll defo get people buying, if not for the name, then for the story. Personally im waiting for the story to appear on wikipedia >.>
D3s3rt_F0x 13th August 2009, 13:23 Quote
This class thing ain't really new its just taken from the Generals: Zero Hour expansion pack which btw was amazing.

But for me C&C is getting a bit too daft, Red Alert fair enough thats always been a bit silly but C&C has been going down the pan a little for me, they need to return to the best game they've made Generals.
MajorTom 13th August 2009, 13:46 Quote
I've been playing since the first C&C. I loved it. But the latest ones have been a bit crap to say the least. It's about time they tried something new. Not sure it will work but I do know if they carried on the way they have with the latest sequels, it would be pants.

Not holding my breath, but hopeful.
kingred 13th August 2009, 14:41 Quote

casuals ruining it for the rest of us.
samkiller42 13th August 2009, 16:09 Quote
Ooo, more information, this is set to be a big title in my calandar, which is good because other than that, my calandar is pretty empty.

MiNiMaL_FuSS 13th August 2009, 22:14 Quote
can they not just mkae a traditional C&C game's's not like they don't like the easy money spinners
C-Sniper 17th August 2009, 00:24 Quote
Am i the only one that thinks developers need to start moving away from WoW style graphics?
Otto69 17th August 2009, 04:09 Quote
Let's see, they send an associate producer to explain to the world at large why they made such a colossally stupid decision as to require full time net access?

No point in discussing it at all. This one's off the buy list.
Dreaming 18th August 2009, 12:14 Quote
casualisation :<

What I read there was:

"Starcraft 2 looks good. Too damn good. So we know trying to create an RTS catering for the hardcore gamers who DO focus on out-microing and out-macroing their opponents, on harassment, and ultimately on better -skill- as well as strategy, wont be a big hit. So instead, we're just trying to make it a fun experience anyone can pick up and play, because then we aren't directly competing with Starcraft 2".

I'll still possibly buy it though. TBH, I swore after Kane's Wrath I wouldn't buy another EA game, but I love C&C so god damn much :(
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