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logan'srun 24th July 2009, 09:39 Quote
Fixed. Ta. /Bindi
Arkanrais 24th July 2009, 09:48 Quote
Fixed. Ta. /Bindi
billysielu 24th July 2009, 10:19 Quote
"killing anything wot tries to kill you first."

Was this written on a phone? By a chav?
Blademrk 24th July 2009, 10:44 Quote
Played the demo last week (when I managed to get onto the Steam servers). Really enjoyed it.
Vode 24th July 2009, 11:03 Quote
Yeah, I really liked the demo too... But agree with the comment on the price, It's $29.99USD here in Australia, which while not too expensive is still enough to keep me away for now, hopefully will be on sale sooner or later as things on Steam often are.
Bauul 24th July 2009, 11:18 Quote
I was recommened this by Joe's girlfriend the other day. As fun as I'm sure it is, it remains to be seen how I can convince my girlfriend to abandon her quest to kill as many zombies on Left 4 Dead as possible, and have a go on this.
mjm25 24th July 2009, 11:26 Quote
It really is a load of fun, and the compulsion to go back through it and find all the experience and hidden treasures (which upgrade your abilities through equippable items) is overwhelming.
i recommend this to anyone, was wondering if it would get a review! :D
Aracos 24th July 2009, 12:52 Quote
Aw nice, I randomly DL'd the demo the other week and loved it, didn't expect to see a review of it :)
Zurechial 24th July 2009, 13:19 Quote
Having played the demo when it appeared on Steam this review seems to be completely in line with what I thought about the game myself.

It's an awesome little gem of a game, but overpriced for its content.
I'll eagerly buy it when it comes down in price, the artwork and music are almost worth it already.
The boy 4rm oz 24th July 2009, 14:08 Quote
I got the demo on Steam and love it, a very cool and visually beautiful game. I am considering buying it.
Nature 24th July 2009, 17:39 Quote
:D i have no left hand today :D

those guys from "the incredible solar flight advet" look like psychopaths.
theevilelephant 24th July 2009, 18:25 Quote
Gave the demo a go after reading the review and loved it. 19.99 seems a bit steep, may have to wait for the price to go down a bit, but i'm going to buy it at some point.
Nicb 24th July 2009, 19:51 Quote
Here is a link to Revision3 that has a video of it also. This game seems really cool for a few hour jollies.
docodine 25th July 2009, 00:52 Quote
Thanks for the link to fancy pants adventures :)
thehippoz 25th July 2009, 09:15 Quote
looks pretty fun.. played a little up to the wizard- reminds me of little big planet
deanbsfx 26th July 2009, 14:09 Quote
I grabbed the demo and rather liked the gameplay. What i didn't like is that you can completely foul up a level if one of your guys dies. some skeletons carried on killing my thief as I crossed a little chasm. so I couldn't get across it to kill em. I know the thief can bow n Arrow em to death, but the bow is a pain to use, it appears to fires lead arrows.
It's a fun game, and i can live past the annoying quirks, but I agree on the remarks on it's price.
thehippoz 26th July 2009, 16:09 Quote
haven't beat it yet but I think pretty close to the end.. you get upgrades dean- like the thief get a fire bow that uses mana, and the arrows don't drop like rocks- pretty cool too you can light up parts hitting torches.. finding the hidden exp bottles is what makes the game- anyone could just run through it.. once you get used to the controls you can pull off some pretty tricks

the physics are really on with the push and pull, drop type things.. the landscapes are nice looking imo.. have to rate this game pretty high so far.. I bet at the end their will be a troll on a toilet and he says- how you like them apples! downside is, the voice acting isn't top notch but it's not bad either.. playing at 1080p I have to run maxed out at 2xaa 16xaf for perfect smooth gameplay- I dunno if that's because it uses physx, but probably, I would have liked to run least 4x but it starts dipping under 60fps.. granted I am running a pretty old driver

think beat it today and try to get some screens..


just finished it.. couple screens- some reason fraps wouldn't grab.. these are the only 2 that came out well with printscreen and a clipboard manager.. oh well the end level was alot of fun- you had to have skill to get up to the top =p
Kiytan 29th July 2009, 01:56 Quote
recently purchased it myself, very fun little game (love playing as the thief) my only complaint is at certain points it really seems to spam you with undead. which gets really annoying (especially if you only have the wizard left ><)
Thacrudd 2nd August 2009, 18:41 Quote
game is really fun! I love side-scrollers. You call it a 2D platformer though but it is very 3D though it is side scrolling.
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