Tales of Monkey Island Interview

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Sifter3000 22nd July 2009, 12:58 Quote
No comments! Shame! I'll add on then. I like Monkeys, and Islands, and the new Monkey Island. Started playing it last night, and it's great :)
Blademrk 22nd July 2009, 13:27 Quote
been meaning to get it, but can't decide between PC/Steam version (which will have to wait until new BB account is setup) or the Xbox Version
Claave 23rd July 2009, 13:25 Quote
PC version, always go for the PC version! I'd imagine a point and click game would be frustrating on a game pad - having to wait for the cursor to scroll over the object would takes ages, but it's just a flick of a mouse.

Anyone actually played the console version yet?
Blademrk 23rd July 2009, 15:51 Quote
Tried the 360 demo, control scheme wasn't too bad.
Loom 23rd July 2009, 23:46 Quote
"LucasArts was there to make sure we didn’t do anything crazy, like send Guybrush through time into the 1980’s and recast him up as a cop!"

I bet that's in the game!
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