Achron Interview: Your Head Will Explode

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Skiddywinks 14th April 2009, 10:27 Quote
I have got to see some video of this. I am well and truly both amazed and bemused.

EDIT: 5 demo videos are up on Youtube. Seriously, everyone has got to check it out!
p3n 14th April 2009, 11:24 Quote
Any article that mentions day of the tentacle has to be onto something awesome, checking vids!
-pattoe- 14th April 2009, 11:50 Quote
This looks and sounds fantastic, definately on my list for next year :)
Pieface 14th April 2009, 12:04 Quote
Never heard of this game before, video's look alright, will have to keep an eye out on this one.
dyzophoria 14th April 2009, 14:21 Quote
very interesting concept, would really like to see how it will turn out
Redbeaver 14th April 2009, 18:59 Quote
in a year or so they can beef up the video. thats the least of my concern with this game (this rarely happens), but i sure hope they get the paradox **** straighten up. the gameplay looks to be freakin awesome......
interzen 14th April 2009, 19:29 Quote
+lots for the Day Of The Tentacle references :-)
If the YouTube videos are any indication, this could be very *very* cool if they can pull it off - been looking for a decent RTS since the crushing disappointment of Age Of Empires III (and CivRev on the 360)

Also, surely I can't be the only one who read 'Achron' as 'Archon' - people of a certain age will get the reference :-) ( for those who don't)
Skiddywinks 14th April 2009, 20:04 Quote
I read Archon, but only because of Starcraft.
capnPedro 14th April 2009, 21:04 Quote
Am I the only person who thinks it looks incredibly convoluted and too complicated?

I'll still try the demo, though!
thecrownles 14th April 2009, 21:16 Quote
Typo on first page:

We first heard about ***Archon*** in the aftermath of Game Developer Conference this year, where everyone was telling us we had to see this strategy game where players could travel through time however they wanted.
Ending Credits 14th April 2009, 21:22 Quote
Looks quite Indie IMO as well as fantastic.
Skiddywinks 14th April 2009, 21:25 Quote
I vageuly remember hearing something in one of the demos that prevents people from just constantly trying to undercut each other (in terms of travelling back in time to attack a weaker base) over and over. Anyone have any idea what it was?
Ending Credits 14th April 2009, 21:41 Quote
Probably the chronometer, i.e you can only issue so many orders before you have to recharge.

That and then there's a time horizon and anything before that can't be changed.
TomD22 14th April 2009, 22:17 Quote
I just....I still don't get it.

Player A can go back and re-fight battles in the past so...what does player B see on his screen when that happens? Does it sort of automatically jump him back there and force him to join in? What if he wanted to go re-fight a different battle in the past or jump into the future or something at the same time....?

I can see how it could work in singleplayer with some clever AI, I think, but how multiplayer could work I really have no clue.
metarinka 15th April 2009, 06:45 Quote
interesting, the gameplay seems solid and the concept and engine look like they work.

I'm more worried that company made of egg-heads will be able to pull off the story, artwork, interface and music and present a polished game. This game doesn't need the triple A title treatment but if it comes out too rough around the edges I fear it will never catch on.

right now the story seems very shallow
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