The Path

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mjm25 22nd March 2009, 10:31 Quote
odd! its almost like you made the review deliberately obtuse... only kidding :D

i'm intrigued by this... i havent logged onto Steamuw yet this morning, but if its there i might have to grab it

Combinho 22nd March 2009, 10:56 Quote
One of the weirdest reviews I've ever read, saying it's a brilliant game then giving it a five. I must say I'm quite tempted to give it a go.
pistol_pete 22nd March 2009, 11:31 Quote
Looks curious. Sadly not £7.99 worth of curiousness, but I'll see what the price does on steam.
Vhet 22nd March 2009, 12:10 Quote
It looks... Creepy. Although, I dig that kind of stuff, and: "It feels like being the only person laughing in a cinema – except the film you’re watching is Schindler’s List."
That's totally me :P Sadly, money for games is a luxury in my life, so i too will be watching the price.
Aterius Gmork 22nd March 2009, 12:39 Quote
7€ on Steam. I'm tempted! :D
pimonserry 22nd March 2009, 14:14 Quote
That's one of the best reviews I've read on Bit-Tech, sincere, intriguing, and quite compelling.
Shame I wouldn't be able to stick the slowness really, otherwise it sounds pretty good for £8.
alastor 22nd March 2009, 14:45 Quote
£6.52 on Steam at the moment. Downloading now...
Skiddywinks 22nd March 2009, 15:04 Quote
Excellent review. That is truly how a review should be done. Unbiased, tells you the facts, but even if the reviewer personally loves it, if it has problems they need to be reflected in the final score.

Well done. MIght give it a try.
M4RTIN 22nd March 2009, 15:08 Quote
sounds incredible, it's almost a shame that you now know about straying from the path as that must have been really weird to learn the first time through
logan'srun 22nd March 2009, 15:27 Quote
by far, the best game review I've read on bit-tech (and I am an avid reader of all forms). Brilliant writing, really touching in the way that a creepy game deserves a off kilter review. Hell, for under 10 quid how could anyone say no?

Based on this review alone, I'll DL when I get home from work. Steam just gets better. . .
M4RTIN 22nd March 2009, 15:43 Quote
what is happening is this game, ive been playing now for about 15 minutes, and its the creepiest thing ive ever seen in my life, it's amazing. Joe, i have to say thank you for this review
thehippoz 22nd March 2009, 16:01 Quote
lol ok you've convinced me.. lemme try it
Smilodon 22nd March 2009, 16:10 Quote
I think I have to try this one out. I'm still not sure what it's all about, but it sounds weird enough to be interesting.
alastor 22nd March 2009, 17:57 Quote
Only played through with one girl so far but that was a fairly unsettling experience.

It is distractingly slow at times though :|
kenco_uk 22nd March 2009, 18:03 Quote
Corking review Joe, absolutely brilliant.

Now, do I? Don't I? Hmm.
Faulk_Wulf 22nd March 2009, 18:10 Quote
For $10 how could you say no?
Brilliant review by the way.
Turbotab 22nd March 2009, 18:36 Quote
The Daily Mail would love to sink their teeth into this game, well maybe on a quiet newsday !?!
perplekks45 22nd March 2009, 19:11 Quote
Less than 10 quid? Terror? Must-by!
slisgrinder 22nd March 2009, 20:23 Quote
Beautiful, yet broken?
Tyr 22nd March 2009, 20:30 Quote
Now this sounds interesting, I am going to have to get it to find out. Looks like something my OH might like to play too.
Dreaming 22nd March 2009, 21:48 Quote
hopefully it will be good, based on this review I just had to see what it was about - far too many games are so similar to pass up something that offers the potential to be really unique and interesting. that and i love the idea of being creeped out by a game :D
thehippoz 23rd March 2009, 01:57 Quote
just played a bit.. 3 girls into the story- check out this winner.. hitting on a girl with a legbrace :( I can see where this is going though.. each girl looks at life differently (basically emo) =] the little girl has me lol on her little ride- I dunno if this kind of game is for everyone.. your fps addict will not like the pace =] like how they use the grainy film look like in mass effect- probably beat it tomorrow.. no sense in rushing- the secret rooms are a trip wth was that
Diosjenin 23rd March 2009, 06:56 Quote
Hmm... Braid comes out in nine days... I'm thinking I'll probably play this and Braid back-to-back.

Extraordinarily intriguing review (both yours and RPS's). KOTOR used to be my go-to game when explaining to people that games could be works of art - that they could be philosophical and thought-provoking as well as being fun. Then I had to change my default example to KOTOR II (the writing in the second one, bar the ending, is just so much deeper than it was in the first). Then it was Mass Effect, then Braid (accidentally spoiled the ending for myself - stupid stupid stupid), and now it looks like I may have to change it to The Path. It's refreshing to see that the pace at which truly artistic examples are being released is starting to pick up. Maybe there's real hope for games as an artistic medium after all...

- Diosjenin -
Mentai 23rd March 2009, 08:57 Quote
That was extremely well written. I've bought it but I probably won't have time to play until next weekend. Arg, so intrigued! I love this kind of thing.
cyrilthefish 23rd March 2009, 09:35 Quote
Damn you! yet another review on bit-tech thats made me go out and get a game :D

Steam is a very dangerous thing for my wallet! oh well, new game to play when i get home at least
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