Multiwinia: Survival of The Flattest

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UncertainGod 20th September 2008, 00:43 Quote
Just been playing it and I have to admit, it's as good as I could have hoped.

+1 very satisfied customer.
The boy 4rm oz 20th September 2008, 01:40 Quote
Loved the first one, must get this one.
dogdude16 20th September 2008, 03:02 Quote
I want to buy this game just to support the developers.
g3n3tiX 20th September 2008, 15:55 Quote
I bought the steam version to get darwinia free with it, and Multiwinia is really nice, although I don't know why I'm feeling something's missing.I miss always having squaddies.
neillyb 21st September 2008, 17:53 Quote
Introversion have been awesome enough to sponsor the last few of our LAN events up here in sunny Scotland, providing freebies and goodies for the punters and those that take part in the Introversion-related tournaments, mainly DEFCON. Now with the release of Multiwinia there's going to be a special tournament for this game at our next LAN, which is from the 3rd - 5th October coming up. Our website is so check it out and get in with the chance of surviving as the flattest!
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