Publisher: THQ
Platform: PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, PC, PS2
UK Price (as reviewed): £29.99 (inc. Delivery)
US Price (as reviewed): $48.99 (inc. Delivery)

Have you ever had one of those dreams? You know, the one where you're in school taking an exam, only you don't know anything about the subject and for some strange reason, known only to your subconscious, you're completely naked except for your marmite clotted handcuffs?

No, just me? Nevermind.

The point is, playing games can be a bit like that sometimes – moreso when you're asked to review a movie-based game without actually having seen the film.

Still, we like nothing more than a challenge, and what bigger challenge than trying to review a game when you don't know what you're supposed to be doing or why you're supposed to be doing it.


Put like that though, there are plenty of other non-movie related games that play the same way, so I suppose I'd better stop whinging and get on with the review…


For those of you that have been living in caves and under rocks for the last six months, WALL-E is Pixar's latest offering to grace the silver screen.

The film follows the exploits of the titular WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Earth-Class) as he potters around and finds true love in that adorable way that only Disney robots can do without achieving rampancy.

In the grim and distant future of Hello Kitty WALL-E, the Earth has been abandoned by humanity as it had slowly become covered with rubbish and waste. Left behind were legions of trash-collecting robots tasked with cleaning up the mess left by humanity.


Hundreds of years later, WALL-E is the last functioning robot left on earth and he has developed a few...eccentricities as a result of his enforced solitude. As well as having a cockroach as a best friend, he also collects trinkets that he finds to decorate his home and has developed a penchant for musicals.

He is, strangely, at peace – though that is something that obviously cannot last and which, like a bull in a china shop, is destined to be shattered as soon as a girl appears and tells him it just isn’t right to spend all day scratching himself.

So, into this tranquillity bursts Eve, a sleek, futuristic robot tasked with discovering whether the Earth is fit for habitation again. WALL-E falls in love with Eve, hilarity ensues and WALL-E ends up saving the day in the way that only Pixar can make happen – which should make the latest game collaboration between Warren Spector and Pixar interesting to say the least.