The Incredible Hulk

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DXR_13KE 14th June 2008, 12:11 Quote
it looks like movie tie in games are always crap.....
Spaceraver 14th June 2008, 12:16 Quote
Bah, just import him into Liberty City. What a fest that would be.
Cupboard 14th June 2008, 13:45 Quote
Is there some engine that they all use that is cheap, has shoddy graphics and doesn't let you do very much? Becuase you seem to say the same about all movie tie ins. Which is a real pity.
It would be nice if they just used a proper engine (like the GTA one) but then I suppose they would struggle to break even.
SPQQKY 14th June 2008, 14:15 Quote
These games may be of little interest to the older crowd, Iron Man kept my son entertained and I am sure this one will as well. My son really isn't interested in plots, he will simply be tickled he can make the Hulk "smash" the bad guys.
MrWizard 14th June 2008, 19:50 Quote
Any new piece of hardware > the $60 I'd spend on this rubbish. Spot-on review, as usual. Man I hate movie games...
Woodstock 15th June 2008, 01:56 Quote
gotta love the paris hilton comments
DXR_13KE 15th June 2008, 13:00 Quote
Originally Posted by Woodstock
gotta love the paris hilton comments

"that's hot"
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