Prince of Persia Preview

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liratheal 9th June 2008, 08:18 Quote
Interetsing preview - It makes me want to play a demo at least.

However - No shots of this Elika?
Woodstock 9th June 2008, 08:43 Quote
hmmmm never got into warrior within, maybe should give it another try, loved sands of time though and the original, and this is looking good. is there any paricular reason that more games are going cel-shaded
CardJoe 9th June 2008, 08:43 Quote

That's the best in-game one we have.
Kris 9th June 2008, 08:48 Quote
Can't wait to play it ^^ Hoping, it will be more similar to Sands of time rather than WW though :P
liratheal 9th June 2008, 08:56 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
<snipped for length>

That's the best in-game one we have.


Thanks Joe!
Andy Mc 9th June 2008, 09:02 Quote
This looks like it maybe really good, can't wait.
Cadillac Ferd 9th June 2008, 09:05 Quote
Definitely digging the art style, very crisp and clean but with just a hint of attitude. Sadly I won't be able to pick this one up though, my inability to play games that involve platformer-like jumping and timely button presses strikes again. Oh welll, back to Halo then <siiiiiiiigggggh>
will. 9th June 2008, 09:08 Quote
Cell shading is awesome. Can't wait for this one.
CardJoe 9th June 2008, 09:29 Quote
The Cel-shaded approach means the game is really scaleable too - great for the Wii.
Veles 9th June 2008, 09:57 Quote
Looks like developing Naruto gave them a few ideas in the art direction side, looks really good.
adamc 9th June 2008, 10:12 Quote
i want to see this in motion before making any judgment on the visuals, but the Sands of Time on gamecube was awesome so I'm looking forward to this very much.
p3n 9th June 2008, 10:18 Quote
The theme looks great, apart from that chick who's hair looks positively ff7
Veles 9th June 2008, 10:43 Quote
Originally Posted by p3n
The theme looks great, apart from that chick who's hair looks positively ff7

You think that's a FF7 haircut?
Hugo 9th June 2008, 11:16 Quote
I think I actually prefere these graphics to Crysis, Far Cry 2 at their ultra-high-end-system-needing ilk. Just appeals to me.
Aterius Gmork 9th June 2008, 11:41 Quote
Seems like I'm the only one, but I'm not sure I like the cell-shaded look. Didn't like it on XIII either. But then I'm weird, I find the graphics of Sands of Time better. Removing the sand of time is fine though, they will make up for it somehow.
Redbeaver 9th June 2008, 14:00 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe

That's the best in-game one we have.

Burnin' 9th June 2008, 14:16 Quote
I played Sands of Time (totally awesome) and Two Thrones (kicked ass) and I totally dig their style. I'm kinda new on cel shaded games so I don't have anything against it, however once you get used to Crysis-like graphics is hard to go back.
Anyway, I find it great that developers are taking "alternate routes" for game developing instead of following the hardware-munchers... How said a game should have photo-like visuals to be great? Crytek pretty much achieved "perfection" with their engine and that "perfection" has a price (not even a 3-way SLI can handle Crysis in Ultra High, high resolution and decent FPS), so it will be stupid for developers to continue this trend if only a bunch of "enthusiasts" are buying their games... Game play is what really matters and always should be on top of the visuals. (Assassin's Creed had both and totally rocked)

Looks like a trip and I'll be getting it for sure.... Looks like it goes well with some chronic 8)
Woodstock 9th June 2008, 22:16 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
The Cel-shaded approach means the game is really scaleable too - great for the Wii.

i wouldnt be suprised if thats the main reason they chose cel-shaded
Bladestorm 10th June 2008, 18:58 Quote
I should think cell shaded style saves some money on art assets (although possibly costing a bit extra in the graphics engine programming to get the shaders right, since they will be so critical to pulling it off well) since to some extent it side-steps the constant increase in expected poly counts and texture resolutions. It does seem to be more love-it or hate-it than a traditional style, but I've no idea on the split myself.
Bionic-Blob 10th June 2008, 21:13 Quote
i hope they don't use the assassin's creed controls
[PUNK] crompers 10th June 2008, 22:58 Quote
this had a good preview in edge aswell, looks good i cant wait

i like the art style, i wish more studios would try something different like this.
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