Warhammer Online Interview: Josh Drescher

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ChromeX 9th May 2008, 12:08 Quote
On one hand this could rule, on the other hand they've removed most of the rules that made warhammer what it was. Not to mention EA have their grubby mitts attached to it, that alone puts me off buying. Guaranteed it'll need a 300MB patch as soon as it comes out.
The boy 4rm oz 9th May 2008, 12:19 Quote
Looks interesting. I have followed the development of this game for a while now. Being a Warhammer player I was quite interested. Looks to be a good game.

WoW killer??? LOL Nothing will ever topple WoW. I hate the game but it is king and always will be.
Mentai 9th May 2008, 12:22 Quote
I kinda wish it was the 40K universe since the only good MMO's are already fantasy based... Here's hoping that secret bioware MMO is sci fi!
LeMaltor 9th May 2008, 12:59 Quote
What's the point of the game, what do you do in it?
Panos 9th May 2008, 13:28 Quote
This game is a hybrid between DAOC and WoW. Pointless. Imho Darkfall when it comes it will be great.
Until then back to MSRS studying.
Squadexodus 9th May 2008, 14:26 Quote
I will be getting the collectors edition soon. The only problem with MMOS is that if you mention any of them, its an instant argument.
Jojii 9th May 2008, 17:07 Quote
the comments just snuck up on me. feels like there is more interview to be had.
proxess 9th May 2008, 22:33 Quote
Nothing will ever beat Ultima Online!
docodine 9th May 2008, 23:03 Quote
This basically looks like WoW, except with a newer graphics engine, and is less cartoony. =\
GrahamC 10th May 2008, 08:47 Quote
Interesting interview and as a WoW player thought his view on my MMO of choice very refreshing. So many publishers think they should take the place of WoW while this guy is trying to be as good or better than WoW and grow the market instead of replacing like with like. I'll support this game with the purchase of a retail copy, then we will see if he can lure me over to his idea of a great MMO. Best wishes to you and your teamfrom an avid WoW/MMO player.
FaIIen 12th May 2008, 07:25 Quote
i have the feeling that this game will have the same fate as D&D online or in the best case, Lotr. WoW has a lot more to show, if after a couple of years they revamp their graphics a bit with more polygons it's gonna be the top MMO to play for the next 5-6 years the least.
pendragon 12th May 2008, 18:40 Quote
he has some interesting ideas, certainly.. though i don't have faith that it will really be the next 'big thing' ..especially since many designs that Blizzard used for Warcraft were obviously based off Warhammer.
badders 12th May 2008, 19:42 Quote
"Plonked", Joe?

I thought you preferred "Plomping"?
jodah175 13th May 2008, 02:01 Quote
wow, this might be the first MMO i actually look into getting. i've loved the warhammer universe for ages (i play 40K now)

if this was ever to a 40K based MMO, it would have to be Inquisitor style, cuz who wants to play a rank and file Marine? how would you include Tyranids? or necrons for that matter?

it may look like WoW at first glance, but theres a lot more to warhammer than most know.
CardJoe 13th May 2008, 08:32 Quote
Originally Posted by badders
"Plonked", Joe?

I thought you preferred "Plomping"?

Tim changed it after the results of the poll.

I'm sad now.
taltosh 14th May 2008, 02:13 Quote
The only problem I had with WoW is that it never changed. Sure, they added an expansion, and some tweaks here and there, but the gameplay always stayed the same.
They put a minimal emphasis on PVP combat. And after removing their PvP ranks, there was really no reason to do PvP combat. The classes were generic, D&D-based classes with a couple token exceptions. Nevermind that your actions in PvP did nothing to affect the world, and the best you got were limited bragging rights and some pieces of clothing. There was no real conflict in WoW like there was in previous Warcraft games. The Alliance and Horde are in this lame Cold War state, with some CtF, KotH, and KtK (Kill the King) battlegrounds. Open field PvP was a death wish, and nobody would organize to take down an opposing faction's city.
And that was my biggest gripe. Once a player reached max level, it became a repetitive farming of instanced bosses for pieces of clothing. Once your team figures out the formula for killing the boss, it gets very boring. Nobody wanted to raid Ironforge or Orgrimmar or the lesser strongholds because of the chance they could get a dishonor point or two for killing a loser NPC.
But its a safe game. It's happy and goofy more often than it is grim and brutal. A 9-year old can excel at it, and it looks a lot brighter and happier so their parents are more likely to invest a little in it.
I'm excited for WAR because I've craved real, matched PvP for a long time. The thought of ransacking a castle, looting the city, and running down helpless and innocent bystanders excites me to no end. I think this game will be a huge draw for PvP fans. I could really care less whether it's a WoWKiller or not, I just want some real conflict. I want fire and brimstone and darkness. I want to see the world engulfed in an orgy of fire and bloodshed. I don't want gnomes, flowers, or happy sunshine and tweeting birds.
I want a war.
Nataraja 14th May 2008, 03:10 Quote
Taltosh has hit the nail on the head.

Warhammer is very different from WoW and I am glad for it. Realm vs. Realm, Public Quests, the Tome of Knowledge, the exploration encounters and content, and on and on. I hope that it holds true at launch, because all of the research I have done indicate that this will be, for me, a much better MMO than Wow. WoW is tremendous in its own right, but after playing it for almost 3 years since its launch, its grinding repetitiveness has lost my interest and it has no real PvP as mentioned by Taltosh.

So for those that like the grind of WoW, more power to you and enjoy. But WAR is not WoW and never will be.

For me I say "bring me WAR!"
plainguy 14th May 2008, 04:13 Quote
For anyone who has NOT played DAOC it will be a new and exciting experience. Once you see the castle battles and get the message that a keep/castle your guild has taken control is under attack, you will feel the difference in the PvP. Its very unique and interesting.

Also mentioned, but not in the interview is that you can level just by PvPing. So for the die hard pvpers its also possible. Something which was possible in DAOC.

The one big thing I have not seen mentioned or commented on is Botting, which did put a hinder on PvP in DAOC. For those that don't know. It was someone running 2 accounts and just having one character that was a buffer. The player would buff his main character making that character that much stronger, further the buffing account was able to stay in a safe area, away from enemy PvPers.

I eventually ran with a Buff bot kept the bot grouped just to gain exp from the PvP and others welcomed me to the group for pvp and keep battles because they received buffs as well. Thus again gaining more exp for the buff bot which did nothing but hide in the castle. It almost became common running 2 accounts and some started even running 3 accounts.

They also removed Stealthing from the game, which anyone who plays WoW or any pvp game with stealthing can see the issues stealth toons create. Further every class has to fight to gain casting power, which even makes a healer type interesting now. No longer do you stand in the back just healing.

I think Warhammer will be unique as was DAOC as long as they don't destroy the game with a single expansion like was done with DAOC.
Morjadae 14th May 2008, 08:00 Quote
People need to stop trying to compare WAR to WoW. What you need to realize is they have to very different play styles. That is what will draw people to WAR. Where WoW will always dominate the hardcore Raider players. Players that want a more PvP game will be drawn to War. This has PvP in the form of RvR that effects the server and zone control in a way wow will never have unless they totally revamp there PvP system. WoW will still be king of MMO's because it is the best at what it does. Which is Raiding. WoWs pvp becomes pointless long before its raiding does. Wow also does a better job of updating there PvE on a more regular basis then there pvp. With the system that WAR has in place RvR will be the draw and the PvE will be the extra fun things you can do. Where Wow is the Raiding is the draw of the game and the pvp is what you do to pass the time with your cool raiding gear. Just because you like the Wow style over War doesnt mean this game will suck. It just means its not for you.
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