Kane and Lynch Multiplayer Preview

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[USRF]Obiwan 7th November 2007, 12:53 Quote
Lets hope its not console third person.
Oh! it is... damn!

So the third-person is nowadays a "over the shoulder cam". Dont make any difference.. it still scks.
sub routine 7th November 2007, 13:44 Quote
oh well. After seeing those photos I am going to give it an award for being the best game in the universe, just `cause what I says goes!!

/hehe, doesn`t actually look to bad though :D
p3n 7th November 2007, 13:46 Quote
Sounds good, I think games like Bioshock could have done with being third person.
Tim S 7th November 2007, 21:09 Quote
it sounds awfully complex to me, but then I didn't get in to Hitman.
Jordan Wise 7th November 2007, 22:06 Quote
never got into hit man but i must say this looks promising, however its more the singleplayer i'm bothered about, i look forward to that review
osc8r 8th November 2007, 03:29 Quote
So just to confirm - the only co-op play available on PC is split screen? No LAN option?


CardJoe 8th November 2007, 07:32 Quote
Thats right as far as I understand it, yeah. Dissappointing, but not the end of the world.
LeMaltor 8th November 2007, 13:08 Quote
Split screen PC? :O
Flibblebot 9th November 2007, 14:20 Quote
How are they going to do split-screen PC? Does one person take the WASD end of the keyboard, with the other player taking the IJKL end? What about mouse control?
CardJoe 9th November 2007, 14:49 Quote
From what I understand one uses a controller, the other keyboard and mouse.
LeMaltor 9th November 2007, 15:58 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
From what I understand one uses a controller, the other keyboard and mouse.

"On the PlayStation 3 however the troopers would go down with a lot less effort and the auto-aim kicked in a little bit to help players with the more fumbly control system."

Bagsey keyboard and mouse! ;)
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