How to write... an Adventure game

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Zamberro 9th August 2008, 09:09 Quote
I don't know, I love point and click games! Or simple controls that don't interfere with gameplay. I think designers need not allow their ambitions to miss the point of games...FUN.

All this hype about photo realism and pushing the envelope is what is killing the genre. It got away from its roots. Things that severe their roots.... inevitably die.

Zelda, "Phantom Hourglass" on the DS is probably one of my favorite games of 07. It has, humor, a great story, great characters, great puzzles, and extremely accessible controls - i.e. FUN:)

Essentially... it is a point and click game adapted to the DS interface. If things are not broke... don't fix them! The other genres survived because they never really got away from their roots. Which brings me to my conclusion....

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