Kane and Lynch Hands-on Preview

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mrb_no1 6th October 2007, 12:50 Quote
I think this game looks pretty cool, i like the style of it and the marketing peeps have certainly done their work, the website looks awesome IMHO and the screenshots look good too. I reckon i'll probably be getting a hold of this come release time as i enjoyed the hitman series too.

the idea of having one of the characters blackout is a nice idea, certainly make the game alot harder if its related to the intensity of fighting when suddenly your comrad is lying on the floorwhen he's ment to be covering the flank or something, guess we'll just have to play it and see what the final verison is like.


Bungle 6th October 2007, 14:14 Quote
Not to be picky, but no where does the preview say what format this is going to be on. Pc/Console all of the above?:| Nice preview other;)than that
CardJoe 6th October 2007, 14:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Bungle
Not to be picky, but no where does the preview say what format this is going to be on. Pc/Console all of the above?:| Nice preview other;)than that

My bad! Kane and Lynch will be on PC, 360 and PS3. On PC it will be under the Games For Windows label, but my preview was based on the 360 version.
Cupboard 7th October 2007, 10:11 Quote
If you decide that Lynch is too much of a liability, can you just leave him dead?
CardJoe 7th October 2007, 11:27 Quote
Lol, I don't think so. The story is built around the pair of them and if Lynch died then I think the Seven would finish you off. Other gang members can fall by the wayside, but Kane and Lynch themselves are plot-pivotal.
Kipman725 7th October 2007, 12:20 Quote
If the pc verison has co-op over network I will be very tempted.
TheVoice 7th October 2007, 13:57 Quote
Looking forward to this one. If it has the same style and attention to detail as the Hitman games have (without just coming across as Hitman without 47 in it), it'll be very good indeed.
Redbeaver 8th October 2007, 02:29 Quote
what?? that was too short!! lol

nice review. i want this game for sure. for me, game = immersion. games like this and/or hitman is closest to reality than orcs or alien monsters....
Da_Rude_Baboon 8th October 2007, 12:22 Quote
Is there a page missing from the article? The navigation seems to go from a description of the game to the comments section. There does not seem to be much of what you thought of the game Joe?
CardJoe 8th October 2007, 12:31 Quote
Nope - sorry. I could have extrapolated more but my hands-on was fairly short by my standards and I didn't want to make/repeat baseless thoughts.

I'll try and make my previews more rounded in the future. Theres an assassins creed preview coming up which should be more in-depth. :D
Da_Rude_Baboon 8th October 2007, 12:48 Quote
Thanks for the reply Joe. :)
Woodstock 11th October 2007, 09:56 Quote
looks cool, any idea of a release date?
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