Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

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Jipa 29th September 2007, 13:09 Quote
The images on the left don't work.. But maybe they are only being uploaded... Dunno.

However, GG, I suggest everyone to try it. The original CoH is teh good one, but this one adds a lot to the multiplayer.
Tim S 29th September 2007, 13:52 Quote
They should be fixed now... doh! :o
Veles 29th September 2007, 14:16 Quote
Just installed this today, pretty impressed so far although I've barely played it, it seems they've made quite a few changes to how the game works.
Jipa 29th September 2007, 14:31 Quote
Yeah if you ask me, most of the changes suck... Maybe I'll just have to entirely change the way how I play, but so far I have found no "good" changes from the version before the OF.
leexgx 29th September 2007, 15:13 Quote
game is fun to play an first for the way you get resources takeing points

you can use cover and hide behind walls for defence fire
wuyanxu 29th September 2007, 16:38 Quote
CoH Dx10 made the game sluggish on my computer :( does this expansion pack fix this problem (or did the 2.01 patch fixed this problem?)
Henk 29th September 2007, 17:30 Quote
There is a lot of stuff fixed for vanilla CoH in the latest patch (~1,8gb!), all the graphical, sound and multi-threading improvements you get in the expansion you now get in vanilla COH too!
Gunblade 30th September 2007, 22:24 Quote
Really, the voice acting? Whatever! I think what they say is great especially when it's raining. It's fun, and gives personality to the troops. I don't feel they are cardboard cut outs at all. Where as in world in conflict they don't do anything. And I am sorry the voice acting is about the same. That and in world in conflict there is not as much care, or "intimacy". You go through men and machines like snack food.

That and the British are not all jolly this, jolly that. They say plenty. My favorite? "F***ing ******s". As a huge fan of COH the game was great, and this expansion is a lot of fun. Overall loved the review. The game is a solid 8 : )
The_Beast 6th October 2007, 16:57 Quote
wow those pics look almost real
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