Medal of Honor: Airborne

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Mother-Goose 7th September 2007, 10:54 Quote
Anything with 'gaming' in the url and description is banned at work :'(
Bogie 7th September 2007, 11:15 Quote
But has anyone tried the Multiplayer. It sucks! It all turns into a spawn rape fest!
[USRF]Obiwan 7th September 2007, 11:37 Quote
Yeah, i noticed that in some gameplay trailers. Waiting for the para's to come down. And shooting "ducks" out of the sky..

Dont mind though, i am a single player ;)
CardJoe 7th September 2007, 12:14 Quote
Singleplayer was appropriately awesome, agreed!
Mother-Goose 7th September 2007, 12:18 Quote
Because I can't see the review atm Joe, overal, big thumbs up!?
CardJoe 7th September 2007, 12:19 Quote
You'll have to wait until later for the full brief, but it scored 8/10 ;)
wuyanxu 7th September 2007, 12:43 Quote
those graphics on your screenshots looks very good. can't wait to play it on my new build :D

what graphics card are you using to play and what FPS are you getting?
will a 8800GTS 320MB work with the game everything highest, at 1680x1050?
oasked 7th September 2007, 13:10 Quote
Nice review. :)

You missed out a word of the first paragraph, at the top of page 2. It should read:

[quote=]In fact, I can think of only one other series which managed to make the combat feel vaguely realistic, moody and fun at the same time. I’m sure you know which one I’m thinking of.[/quote]
Veles 7th September 2007, 13:34 Quote
I take back what I said in the other thread, the spawning enemies are starting to get on my nerves a bit. I don't like it on medium because it feels far too easy, hard mode however feels pretty realistic. Unfortunately that means I die a lot, combined with the poor save system, it means trying to get to a well defended objective can become infuriatingly difficult sometimes. I'm currently on the second level, after about a million tries I managed to destroy the radio tower, but as I was making my way to the actual radio to destroy it, I died. Never mind, I thought, since I'd just reached a checkpoint, but behold, as I dropped back in, the area I had just cleared had been instantly respawned, meaning I had to fight my way to the radio tower again, and then fight from there to the radio. Suffice to say I got pissed off and turned the game off.

I don't mind that it's hard, but the checkpoint system is really getting on my tits.
oddball walking 7th September 2007, 13:35 Quote
The third screenshot doesn't link to a bigger image.
Mankz 7th September 2007, 14:41 Quote
Great. I can't play this on my PC and its one of the few games that looks quite good (BioShock doesn't appeal to me in the slightest).

I now wish I got a 6800 GT instead of my X800 XL!
Passarinhuu 7th September 2007, 18:48 Quote
I miss AA... Maybe in-game the lack of it isn't so noticeable but I don't really like the look of the screenshots. From my point of view, the worst thing a game can have is jagged edges.
However, those textures are looking really nice :)
Sh00ter 7th September 2007, 19:24 Quote
i am just finishing the game and tbh all the comments in the review are fair, however there is no mention of multiplayer in the review at all!

medal of honor has always been about the multiplay - thats why this has been so anticipated by the community coz there hasnt been a decent moh game since allied assault.
the multiplay is not ready for this game! there is no stand alone server as yet - they hope it will be with first patch in a couple of weeks.

shame on ea for once again releasing a part finished game, and im afraid to say shame on bit-tech for not highlighting the largest drawback for this game - the drawback that if people know about chances are they wont part with their hard earned till ea pull their fingers out!

mini rant over, pls carry on.....
knuck 7th September 2007, 19:32 Quote
Originally Posted by Mankz.
Great. I can't play this on my PC and its one of the few games that looks quite good (BioShock doesn't appeal to me in the slightest).

I now wish I got a 6800 GT instead of my X800 XL!

wafflesomd 7th September 2007, 20:13 Quote
Demo was fun.

Doesn't run very well, not well enough to warrant a purchase.
Hells_Bliss 7th September 2007, 20:35 Quote
savepoints?! you've got to be kidding me.

only 16ppl/server in multiplayer? in this day and age when you can have 64 in BF2142/CSS? pft.

I can see why you'd only want 16 in something like WIC, it'll get too crowded otherwise, but for an FPS? come on. (I heard they were going to up it to 24 somewhere, but still thats piss-poor.

The series in general has one hit (MOHAA) and many flubs (MOHBT, MOHSH, MOHPA) it's dubious that this is going to be the next big thing in WW2 fps's
kylmrtn 7th September 2007, 22:45 Quote
zomg wrong terminology. You load firearm magazines/revolvers with CLIPS. Firearms (aside from revolvers...) are supplied ammunition via the MAGAZINE.
TrainedNoob 7th September 2007, 23:53 Quote
Demo was alright. I definetly wouldn't consider it a "next gen" type of game. With games coming out with incredible eye candy like Bioshock or Crysis, and games promising great multiplayer like COD4, I don't think it will be a big hit.
mattthegamer463 8th September 2007, 04:26 Quote
I liked the feel of the demo, but I didn't like how I kept leaning when I pressed A or D, and how I couldn't move when looking down the sights. If it let me do those it would blow my love for CoD out of the water (or at least hurt the deep-rooted love for Call of duty)
CardJoe 8th September 2007, 09:40 Quote
You can move while in ironsights. You just hold the sprint key to do it, though I think there is an option in the menu too...
p3n 8th September 2007, 15:54 Quote
At the start of the review I saw the price, I thought hmm £25 might be worth the 3/4 hours of SP... but then I started reading and didnt really see anything new - why dont games cost a little more and look a little less 'churned out'? I've done some amateur level design in HL1/2 engines and by the looks of it the devs didnt read 'mapping for dumbies' as alot of downward/off facing surfaces have lost thier texture and turned jet black(just look at the texture shots) which makes me think the levels were rushed and not lit/tested properly...
mattthegamer463 8th September 2007, 18:37 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
You can move while in ironsights. You just hold the sprint key to do it, though I think there is an option in the menu too...

Thanks Joe, I'll mess with it later tonight. I didn't take a look at the time.
WarMachine 8th September 2007, 20:16 Quote
while others hate a series which they feel is just trying to copy games like Call of Duty 2 without doing anything new at all.

Holy time machine Batman! MoH has been around quite a bit longer than CoD... if anything, CoD built it's foundation on what MoH had done.

Chrizz 9th September 2007, 01:50 Quote
Just played the game only 6 missions :( i played it out in 4 hours i whas happy that 1 mission whas in my own city Nijmegen / Market Garden. i can only say graphics are good i love the special weapon upgrades but i hate that the missions are short and not much payed attention to the missions just onlt 6!.

i play it on 22" screen at 80fps with a single 8800gtx and all on high.
DeXtmL 9th September 2007, 14:26 Quote
Not all graphics are stunning.
I feel sometimes it looks worse than Doom3 (Maybe due to less using bump?)
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