Attack on Pearl Harbour

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Seraphim Works 26th August 2007, 14:37 Quote
Brings back memories of Combat Flight Simulator 2, borrowed joysticks and comical LAN dogfights...

To be honest, if I wanted a quick, simple and relatively pretty arcade WWII fighter game, I'd probably look at Blazing Angels. Mind you, that's not exactly top notch either.
Kipman725 26th August 2007, 15:59 Quote
the online part reminds me of IL-2... I think in a week of trying I got about 5 kills. Everyone on a sever was awsome at the game and constantly outwitted me.
Krikkit 26th August 2007, 17:51 Quote
IL2 was the most impossible game to play online ever - everyone else had such blatant hax! :p
wafflesomd 26th August 2007, 18:31 Quote
Anyone ever play Red Barron (2 possibly).

It had online play, and was a blast. I never actually played it, but I watched my brother play, and made sure to give him an ample amount of in game coverage :D
Bluephoenix 26th August 2007, 18:39 Quote
pah, I'll take on anyone in CFS3.

you just try your jets against my tempest V, I'll win every time
Jodiuh 26th August 2007, 21:58 Quote
The LAN force is STRONG w/ this one. I've played it @ about 5 now and it gets better every time. Especially playing against beginners that don't realize they have missiles. :D If you ever get a chance to play this "LAN Friendly" game, you simply MUST!!! Author's right, nothing better than tagging the guy who kicked your a$$ in the game before it...over and over and over. :D
tkdwarrior 27th August 2007, 16:45 Quote
the comic strip intros/fonts/layouts are such a blatant rip-off of CFS2 it's not funny. final judgement will be reserved until play though :)
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