Haze: Exclusive Hands-On Preview

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Clocked 25th August 2007, 13:22 Quote
Looks Interesting - the "hot-swap" co-op particularly so. Still I think I'll be waiting for the pc version though as a ps3 is well outside of my budget...
Krikkit 25th August 2007, 13:49 Quote
Exciting stuff - can't wait, hopefully the PC version will be as brilliant as the console version looks. :D
GamingHobo 25th August 2007, 14:25 Quote
Good job as ever Joe, really captured the whole experience well methinks.

Haze could be something of a sleeper hit, though I do worry it might get swamped in the old Halo 3, Bioshock, HL EP2 malaise. Fascinated about the zoom and light effect thing with the explosion though, sounds like a really cool touch.

Digg to share peeps - it all helps. :)
The_Pope 25th August 2007, 14:53 Quote
/plays dead
daftie 25th August 2007, 14:59 Quote
awesome looking game!
light is being caught up like elastic debris and briefly hurled away from the explosion before being pulled back to where it started
can't wait to see that awesome effect

perhaps including a short youtube of that in the article would encourage more peeps to check out the game?
Jamie 25th August 2007, 18:33 Quote
Been following this game for a while now, really gutted it's not coming to the 360 for launch.
CardJoe 25th August 2007, 18:46 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Been following this game for a while now, really gutted it's not coming to the 360 for launch.

Not coming to 360 ever actually. :(
DarkLord7854 25th August 2007, 18:58 Quote
I hope they don't cut Co-op out of PC version >.<
Morphine-Kitty 25th August 2007, 23:11 Quote
Looks freakin' incredible. I need a PS3 now! Damn Haze and God of War 3... :p
automagsrock 25th August 2007, 23:30 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Not coming to 360 ever actually. :(

And I'm fine with that :)

Being a PS3 owner I am finally happy to see a game that every PS3 owner will NEED to have. This game just looks too cool to pass up. I'll probably also get it on PC as well, but I know that as soon as it's out it will be on the shelf next to the other 11 or so PS3 games I have :)

This game is looking like it will be Halo for the PS3. Not making a comparison by no means, I am just saying that the 360 has Halo 3 which looks like it is going to be fantastic, and now the PS3 has a shooter to call it's own (for a bit until the PC version anyway ).

I'm excited. Eagerly awaiting the launch date :D
Crazyglue 26th August 2007, 04:47 Quote
wow some of those pics really remind me of crysis... oh well, looks like a cool game.

(click for hi-res pictures *click* wtf? 800x600? lol)
DarkLord7854 26th August 2007, 05:22 Quote
When's a demo coming btw? :p
4DGamer 26th August 2007, 06:04 Quote
Actually, Resistance was the first must-have game for the PS3 (and the next one is Warhawk imo), but Haze looks like it will be a great game as well... can't wait to play it.
CardJoe 26th August 2007, 09:33 Quote
Resistance? M'eh.
Redbeaver 26th August 2007, 10:14 Quote
screw PS3 :(

gimme details on PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

looks very nice! even somewhat nicer than... Crysis??? hmmm :) at least this one *promises* better story and (hopefully) longer gameplay.... :D
Tokukachi 26th August 2007, 11:09 Quote
ohh.. my PS3 might get some use finally. Hasn't been switched on since the first week I got it (hey its not my fault all the games suck).
M_D_K 26th August 2007, 11:31 Quote
Been waiting for this title for a while :) it will be the reason i buy a PS3 :P and the reason my CC gets a pounding hehe. Looks good and the gameplay looks amazing :) seen alot of reviews on this and all are positive.
Hugo 27th August 2007, 00:29 Quote
Resistance was not "must have" by any means; motorstorm is the only PS3 game worthy of that title imo.

Mind you, seeing as my PS3 sat in the office for 5 weeks doing nothing except testing HDTV's with Casino royal on Blu-ray, I can't really pretend anything was exactly "must-have" alas.

Still, the console's back home not serving me fine as a linux movie player box again. Yay for NAS and DivX/Xvid playback!

Haze does look set to be interesting, I'm almost more excited about this than Assassins Creed now, mainly because I've actually seen more than 2 trailers and a handful of screenshots of Haze <rolls eyes>
kempez 28th August 2007, 00:30 Quote
yay a game to play on my new Blu-Ray pla...PS3 :D :D

There had to be one somewhen :p
DLoney 2nd September 2007, 21:48 Quote
CardJoe 3rd September 2007, 09:06 Quote
Originally Posted by DLoney

"Haze PC and 360 drop off the map";title;0

I've contacted the guys about this actually - and while it's no comments all round, it would seem like it is definitely the case that Haze is now PS3 exclusive.
DougEdey 3rd September 2007, 09:19 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
I've contacted the guys about this actually - and while it's no comments all round, it would seem like it is definitely the case that Haze is now PS3 exclusive.

Can we donate money to a beer fund to get them drunk and talking?
CardJoe 3rd September 2007, 10:01 Quote
Yeah, sure - send me the money and I'll take care of it
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