Sword of The New World: Granado Espada

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DougEdey 28th July 2007, 13:03 Quote
So free = good, WoW monthly Subs = not good.
atanum141 28th July 2007, 13:04 Quote
meh, these Espada aint half as good as the ones in Bleach.
pendragon 28th July 2007, 16:11 Quote
Originally Posted by atanum141
meh, these Espada aint half as good as the ones in Bleach.

LOL .. Winnar! :D
Flyingsheep 28th July 2007, 17:59 Quote
I think Silkroad is better. Already played this a month ago and got bored within a few hours.
Techno-Dann 28th July 2007, 18:24 Quote
Spelling error on page 1: "So, we noticed that you were starting to drift off a bit until you read that last paragraph, so we’ll just reiterate the above in case any snoring Susan’s missed out on it; Granado Espada is free to play. Kind of."

Apostrophe =/= pluralization.

(And it still amuses me that the [ color ] tag isn't spelled [ colour ] on a British forum...)
The_Gimpy 28th July 2007, 19:09 Quote
Players can also choose between three sets of clothing for each class and gender, but beyond clothing there is very little initially available by way of customisation.

There are actually alot more then 3 sets. I thought this too, but found when making your character, can scroll down the list as see quite a few more. Some are really cool looking compaired to the basic 3.
Neogumbercules 28th July 2007, 21:36 Quote
I was turned off by it once I learned it was made by the same guy that did Ragnarok Online. That game is a total grind fest full of elitist jerks. I gave up on it when I found out you have about a .002% (literally) chance to get a worthwhile item from any given monster and the merchant class players were selling swords for 50,000,000z next to a sword store that sells the same item for 1,000z.

Are those painted boobies in your avatar?
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