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mikeuk2004 3rd November 2006, 13:04 Quote
I addicted to 2142 and just love it. I have 12 unlocks now and working towards my next weapon which will be the sniper with its cloak and C4 :)
TheSaladMan 3rd November 2006, 13:23 Quote
You mean you actually got it running? :P
BioSniper 3rd November 2006, 13:57 Quote
I'm glad to see bit do a review. I personally love this game and for me its something I can really get my teeth into. still tweaking around though to get good performance + details at the moment though (xp2800 + 1GB RAM + X800 Pro (agp) )
Fr4nk 3rd November 2006, 14:19 Quote
I must agree, I'm loving 2142, it's so much smoother in loading than BF2, I can run all setings on high with 6xAA and the maps load so much quicker than BF2 with medium settings (medium settings are used as BF2 is slooooow on 1gb) I have been getting the odd CTD and sever crash/ disconnection but it seems very server based...

LoveJoy 3rd November 2006, 14:59 Quote
Again one nice looking game
Veles 3rd November 2006, 15:23 Quote
I'm getting more and more tempted to buy this game, although I'm really getting pissed at EA for rushing games.

Nice to see you didn't take this whole spyware thing under consideration, as much as I hate EA, it's not spyware and they've said what it's does, but the IGA I'm not too pleased about (but from some screenshots it looks alright, fit's in nicely from what I've seen, apart from the pepsi one). If theres IGA then the RRP should be alot lower, because for a PC release, it is a bit pricey.
Henk 3rd November 2006, 15:37 Quote
As far as I know, the ads are still disabled... they are waiting a couple of weeks before turning them on so as to not hurt the initial sales of the game :(

I'm waiting to see how the ads look when they are turned on before I buy this game :)

EDIT: what, they are on? screens of ads in-game please :|
Houck 3rd November 2006, 15:43 Quote
Great Review for a Great Game.
Neogumbercules 3rd November 2006, 16:21 Quote
I don't know about you, but I've had plenty of memorable 2142 memories so far. One that comes to mind is when an over ambitious driver tried to run me over in his buggy. He was at full sprint and all I had to save myself was the standard sniper rifle. I quickly zoomed in, fired, and jumped out of the way and saw "you killed so and so."

I find the most enjoyable moments in BF2142 are when you get kills that would piss YOU off. Like getting head sniped out of a buggy at full sprint, getting your fully loaded transport copter blown up by a tank (love doing that), APM kills, Knife Kills, no-scope head shots, etc..

Another memorable moment was when I was in a walker experiencing the shaking screen glitch. If you don't know what this is to simulate it, get into a walker and set your mouse sensitivity to 15, then just shake it wildly. That's basically what your screen looks like. Well I had two annoying flies throwing grenades at me and jumping around harrasing me, and I COULD NOT get a steady aim to shoot them. I was getting pretty annoyed. Here I am in a walker and I can't kill these two bunny hoping idiots. They were probably thinking I was some kind of help-less n00b who probably strayed too far from my Seseme Street game. Finally one of them WALKS INTO my gun fire and dies, and the other one gets right on my legs and I suspect he was trying to lay some RDX. Finally I got fed up. I hit "E" and and as soon as my feet hit the ground the guy spun around, wide eyed with my Zellar Sniper Rifle bumping against his nose and BOOM HEADSHOT (had to say it) no scoped in the face! "EAT THAT YOU MOTHER ******" I screamed, as I got back in my Walker and went on with my way.

Just two memorable moments from the BF experience.
Tim S 3rd November 2006, 16:23 Quote
I'm loving BF2142, shame I've got to benchmark it rather than actually sit and play properly.
BioSniper 3rd November 2006, 16:38 Quote
Neogumbercules: I love moments like that. Unlocked the zeller today as I had 4 spare unlocks. Mixing it with APM mines is just seriously funny.

I do love conquest maps for that most though esp the ones where only one team has a fixe base as those maps are FULL of choke points. If you have a mate who goes support all you need to do is run around sticking APM's down and replacing them when they blow people up. Its quite fun :)
specofdust 3rd November 2006, 17:02 Quote
Good review Garside, click-for-big pictures much apreciated and totaly essential. There were a few "your" when you meant "you're" near the beggining(around the bit where you admitted being an addict :D) - I think at least.

The RPG'ish build your guy up as you go along thing seems like it would have the capacity to suck most people in, but if the games not very fresh overall is it not just going to end up like MMOs, where people realise after 2 years that they've been wasting their lives on something that's actually for the most part incredibly boring?
MrFusion 3rd November 2006, 17:10 Quote
I bought BF2142 the day it came out and its worked great since. I had slight trouble when I installed the patch while the game was still running, since that's automatically what the game did! ONLY THEN did I read the little message warning me about that glitch. (Good job EA!)

Since then I've had few if no problems. I haven't seen any in game advertising. Once my stats reset, but they came right back later, and it turned out that there were just a LOT of people on that late Friday night, so no biggie. It was still fun.

I have friends who REFUSE to buy that game because of the in game advertising. I don't get it! If I saw in game advertising, I'd SHOOT IT! Got an extra missile in the launcher and need to get rid of it to reload for that run on the Titan??? AIM FOR THE BILLBOARDS! Works for me! I really don't think its that big a deal.

Personally I like it better than BF2, much cleaner and evened out. And I
m a sci fi guy, so naturally the future is ALWAYS better than the present!

'Tis my 2 cents.
acidfire 3rd November 2006, 19:15 Quote
Personally, my fav memories are defending my titan (good for points too!). I've got both sides of the recon class unlocked, so I leave an amp mine facing out the door, usually nets 2-3 kills on a busy server. Best is laying down RDX at the door and hard to see spots outside the door, so when someone peeks around the side to try and snipe me, i blow the RDX, killing him and all his buddies waiting to rush my corridor. Personal best is 8 titan defend pins in one round :D
Sphering 3rd November 2006, 19:45 Quote
Looks good, but they could done more to the game as a hole and the graphic part especially and then waited a bit longer with the release. It's not that long since BF2 came out and I'm not nearly tired of that yet.
Fatboy 3rd November 2006, 19:48 Quote
If i could actually manage to get on a few servers id play it.

Sometimes the serverlist doenst update right, sometimes it jsut plain doesnt even try to ocnnect , and then theres that ghostly OK button you cant click on.

I quit the game and then im in a game of CS:S within a minute or so :D

Im not knocking the gameplay though, i like it when i can get into a server.
Vash-HT 3rd November 2006, 19:55 Quote
I got really addicted to this game during the beta testing of it, mostly I was playing just as the review said, to build up my points and earn unlocks. Unfortunately tho, once I had a lot of the things unlocked, the game started getting very boring, so I decided not to buy the full game.
zr_ox 3rd November 2006, 20:32 Quote
Nice review Ryan I really enjoyed it, especially the introduction.

Besides this one I have played all of the BF series, and despite loving them I can’t help feeling emotionally disconnected playing them.

There are a number of reasons COD gives me a more memorable gaming experience. It always seems like a lesson in panic and desperation management, which the BF series just cannot deliver. I have only ever felt moderately concerned playing BF, even under the heaviest of fire.

COD delivers a more complete gaming experience, from a combination of well scripted dialogues and incredibly well designed levels. From the onset you are under manned with poor weapons against the formidable German war machine. EA have tried hard to recreate the tension and desperation of being under fire as a rookie soldier. In BF you feel almost invincible as a highly trained Special Forces soldier with an incredible arsenal of weapons.

I think perhaps the best part of the COD series is that we can all in some way relate to the saga. Despite WWII ending 65 years ago it’s had a huge impact on our generation. We have all read the books seen the documentaries, and listened fondly to our grandparent recount their own experiences. The staging area for BF2142 is the distant future to which we cannot relate, leaving us feeling slightly disconnected from the experience………it's got cooler weapons though.

The ability to relate to the events portrayed in games will always give us something extra.
I_Slider_I 3rd November 2006, 22:40 Quote
I haven't purchased a PC game in 5 years. I made an exception for this game after watching my room mate play. We're now a two man titan wrecking squad.
Cthippo 3rd November 2006, 22:53 Quote
Originally Posted by zr_ox
Nice review Tim I really enjoyed it...

Ryan wrote the article, Tim just posted the link
Omnituens 4th November 2006, 00:38 Quote
I have personally reported 10 exploits for the game already, i hope they are all fixed in 1.05, or EA/DICE are just not paying attention.

Other than my ADSL being rubbish, and my system only coping with low settings, im enjoying the game immensly.
overdosedelusion 4th November 2006, 01:42 Quote
no idea why, but im constantly losing connection to the servers in BF2142, it doesnt happen in any other game, just this one, its beginning to piss me off immensely
Neogumbercules 4th November 2006, 05:11 Quote
I think a lot of what you FEEL when playing games like MoH and CoD is that in the back of your mind you know that 50 years ago there were real men just like you getting blown out of those boats in Stalingrad. And there were real 18 year old kids storming those beaches at Normandy. Plus the music, the yelling, the screaming, all of this pulls at the emotional strings and really sucks you into the game. It's a shame that the deluge of WWII games have watered down and raped the reality of the war that claimed over 20 million lives.
Garside 4th November 2006, 08:32 Quote
Interesting point Neogumbercules
tuteja1986 4th November 2006, 08:40 Quote
I like the fact that i can lag the **** out everyone by moving the titan... I also find it real funny how people are willing to live all the fallows of the game and banning anyone trying to move a titan. The game isn't nothing more than a resource hog BF2 mod. It should not get a 8 but low 6 score.
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