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specofdust 6th October 2006, 11:21 Quote
Great review of a fantastic game :D

Personally I havn't even touched the single player yet, I've just been skirmishing. Not intending on playing online because these things always turn out to need highly developed rush stratagies that make it crud, but the skirmishes are the best I've played in recent years. I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise considering it's from the guys that made homeworld.

Anyway, think I should go try playing the storyline :o
knyghtryda 6th October 2006, 11:29 Quote
Totally agree with the review. I played DoW for a while, and I was a little skeptical that the DoW engine could work for a WWII game, but after playing the demo and now half the game, I see this as a very good direction for RTS. One thing that really stood out was the realism of the game. Its not simulation, nor was it ever intended to be. Instead, it is realism in the sense that things happen in ways you expect to happen. You shell a building, and it crumbles realistically. You try to rush a machine gun nest with infantry, and they hit the dirt once the rounds start flying. Hell, you hit a Panther with a tank round thats too weak, and IT BOUNCES OFF! One of my best moments was when during the third or fourth mission, on the attack on the V2 base, I sent in a fighter for a strafing run. Unfortunately, there was plenty of AA fire, and the fighter didn't make it far before it was shot down. But when it hit the ground, it slid and took out of the AA guns. Totally unexpected, but when you think about it, totally believable. Its stuff like that, on top of good all around gameplay and graphics that really lets you know the developers weren't kidding around. Anyone who likes RTS should definitely check out the demo and see what its all about.
Luukas 6th October 2006, 11:58 Quote
It's a fantastic game indeed, but with (at least) two severe drawbacks. Well, or so I think:

1) the AI is absolute dirt. It has great trouble defending its own base, and at times it just seems to stop outside the player's base even when you're clearly outgunned.

To top that off, it seemed to me that the AI is basically omniscient when it comes to resource/victory points. Leave even one spot unguarded behind your lines, and eventually a team of engineers or something will pop out after having perfectly avoided the LOS of your units.

2) decent maps are few and far between. A whopping four 2-player maps in total, out of which two are tolerable? Christ.
specofdust 6th October 2006, 15:55 Quote
I'm not sure I'd agree that the AI sucks to be honest. I was making an assault on an urban skirmish map(one of the two player ones) and the AI managed to get about 5 manned bunkers up in its base with a morter crew and a couple of paks, my crack infantary that'd up untill that point being owning the map got sliced to ribbons and then blown up, and that wasn't even on hard :o
Hovis 6th October 2006, 16:11 Quote
I've played this game a lot. From the beta on to release and I reckon it is a hell of a good game but yeah the problems are there and they are a bit annoying. The AI is a cripple at anything less than Expert and it cheats. Don't play skirmish thinking you're playing a fair opponent.

Multiplayer is, sadly, a bit too focussed on the opening seconds for my tastes, like any RTS with multiplay in mind the developers want games done and dusted in half an hour. It's fun but it's not as much fun as it could have been and a lot of the nuance is lost in multiplay. For instance Axis Defence strategy becomes a dead loss because the static 88mm Flak guns that are the crowning glory of the Defence doctrine are sitting ducks. You get to kill something, you appear on the map, artillary has your number and you die.

The lack of maps is also a real pain. They needed to add a map editor if they were going to ship such a pitiful number.

A lot of this is me being jaded speaking though. End of the day though I've had it several weeks (ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies about how I got it) and I'm still playing it so it's got to be good.

Best fun to have in it is multiplayer with friends, not the weirdos off Relic online. My clan set up a Hamachi virtual LAN to bypass the iffy netcode on the Relic servers and we play games against each other or against computer opponents, no pressure for win/loss stats, no lame rushing tactics, just down home friendly shooting people.

More maps though, definitely needed.
Bladestorm 6th October 2006, 19:46 Quote
Originally Posted by review
I have never, ever, felt anxiety simply from the sounds of a game.

Never played system shock 2 ?
Paradigm Shifter 7th October 2006, 13:11 Quote
Originally Posted by Bladestorm
Never played system shock 2 ?
That's what I was thinking, too... ;)

Just got this. Won't be able to play it for a few days, though.
billy83 7th October 2006, 14:30 Quote
'So as you can see I, like any other right-minded gamer in the world, think this game is amazing. " (from the review).

I just registered on this forum because of this comment. Without going on about it, why am I a wrong-minded gamer because I disagree with the reviewer? I think it's a pretty arrogant statement, and it annoyed me a fair bit.
gm_crop 8th October 2006, 19:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Bladestorm
Never played system shock 2 ?

I adore that game, it still holds up well when compared with the best of todays games.

The sounds of the hybrid still make me crap my pants.
Bladestorm 9th October 2006, 02:53 Quote
Originally Posted by gm_crop
I adore that game, it still holds up well when compared with the best of todays games.

The sounds of the hybrid still make me crap my pants.

I think its the midwife that caused me the most "anxiety" though I think just about anything in the game could do the trick, especially if it sounded close and from some direction you couldn't actually see.
kenco_uk 9th October 2006, 14:08 Quote
I would love to enjoy this game, but the demo freezes up on me. The only thing that keeps going is the sound, otherwise it's total lockup. Before playing the demo, I had about four hours on Prey and after a couple of required restarts to try the CoH demo again, I gave up and played Flatout 2 for an hour or two, so something's up with the demo itself as it randomly freezes.

Are there a number of bugs in the full game that have been fixed? If so, I may give it a go as the demo was very good while it worked.
Techno-Dann 10th October 2006, 15:39 Quote
I love the game. Having a weird problem, though...

The game registers a mouse-click as being forty-fifty pixels above the position of the cursor. It also registers the mouse's position as being the same distance too high. In effect, I move the cursor over one button, and the one above it lights up as though I'd moused over it, and when I click, it clicks on the higher button as well.

It's bloody annoying, and it happens both in game and in the menu structures, but in the last day and a half since I got the game I've already beaten the first three levels of the campaign, and will probably keep playing it until I get a fix. It's that good.
Crazyglue 15th October 2006, 08:48 Quote
quick question real quick...

is this game more CPU intensive or GPU intensive... ive been playing around for a while with the settings and cant decide... it seems more gpu intensive but i cant really tell

the reason i ask is because, im prolly gonna upgrade (either cpu or gpu) just for this game.

opteron 165 if its cpu
x1900xt 256mb if its gpu

Garside 15th October 2006, 10:55 Quote
Crazy Glue what si your current system? Are those the components you are going to upgrade to?
Crazyglue 15th October 2006, 15:23 Quote
right now i have

Athlon 3200+ Socket 939 Venice @ 2.5ghz
2x1GB Corsair XMS PC3200 @ 2.5-3-3-7
6800ultra AGP @ 456/1.17
X-fi Xtreme Music
520W PSU

im going to get one of those upgrades depending on wether the game is cpu or gpu intensive.
specofdust 15th October 2006, 15:34 Quote
I can run the game fine with a very similar setup. My CPU is slightly better then yours but my graphics card is only a 6800GS - I run at 1600x1200, no AA or AF, medium settings for everything and get an FPS that's fine for an RTS game. It's not noticably laggy, although it is clear it's not running at 100FPS to my eyes.
Garside 15th October 2006, 18:01 Quote
CrazyGlue the game should run at medium graphical setting on your rig.

If you were going to upgrade I would probably look at a stop gap AGP card. Here's a really interesting article about all the AGP graphics cards on the market:

Don't spend too much though as come 2007 and the arrival of Vista DirectX 10 will be released. This will mean all current gen card will see a drop in prices as a new generation of cards is released!

Short of updating the motherboard and hauling in a whole host of new components I think the above plan is your best option!

Hope that helps.
DarkReaper 15th October 2006, 23:00 Quote
Just ordered it and DoW from play, should be fun :D Garside, without wanting to make this thread too repetitive what shinyness should I be aiming for from a 2.5GHz C2D, 2GB RAM at 5-5-5-15 and a GT7800 OC?
Garside 17th October 2006, 13:39 Quote
I think that setup should handle the game pretty well. You won't be able to run it full whack but experiment with the in game performance test (in the options menu) to get the best.

If you're really keen on getting it absolutely perfect start out with everything turned up and then turn things off accordingly, that's how I operate when testing.

Enjoy the game, it's a belter!
DarkReaper 4th November 2006, 14:43 Quote
Just finished the campaign - absolutely brilliant game indeed! Managed to put everything up enough for it to all look great and got thoroughly addicted :D Vehicle AI is a minor niggle but will hopefully be patched soon enough.

I'm guessing there's gonna be an expansion at some point, based on the slightly slim evidence that the campaign menu has a drop-down menu to select what campaign you want to play. I can't wait!
13000 13th December 2006, 20:24 Quote
I bought the game when it came out, and thought it was a bit crap tbh, played the first 4 missions I think and never touched it since.
kenco_uk 13th December 2006, 21:56 Quote
I still have random crashing errors. I'm on mission 3 I think, the one where you have to defend Carentan and the music keeps playing, the mouse keeps moving but the display locks up, i.e. moving the mouse pointer to the sides doesn't move the screen. Eventually, it locks up with a blue screen. bah :(
13000 13th December 2006, 22:12 Quote
Latest patch kenco?
Tim S 14th December 2006, 09:23 Quote
The latest patch is a LOT better.
kenco_uk 14th December 2006, 12:00 Quote
Yup, 1.4 or 1.04 whatever it is, I'm assuming that's the latest patch. Drivers are up to date. I managed to complete that mission, then started the next and mid-way through it did the same again. It can't be overheating surely? Gfx card (7900gtx) is at stock with plenty of air circulating through the case. I've installed Speedfan and Samurise to see if anything out of the ordinary happens next time I give the game a chance.

I've got everything switched on and on their highest settings in the graphics settings within the game, I'm wondering if turning some of these down would affect it? It seems strange that it'll play for a while (it did so for about 2 and a half missions-worth) then crash out. Plus the fact that it's a 7900gtx, I bought it so I wouldn't have to worry too much about taking any graphics settings down on recent games.

Fixed.. turned write combining off
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