El Matador

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atanum141 28th September 2006, 15:14 Quote
Meh, i rather wait for Alan Wade......
DougEdey 28th September 2006, 15:19 Quote
So not worth the socks your granny buys you.
TheSaladMan 28th September 2006, 15:35 Quote
Good review, but I don't like the complaints about them not explaining bullet time, it isn't explained in Max Payne and that's still an awesome game.
DarkReaper 28th September 2006, 15:56 Quote
That game just got gored!

Runs away
Shadowed_fury 28th September 2006, 16:24 Quote
Great review Ryan :)
Kumo 28th September 2006, 16:43 Quote
"...tasking you in the role of a rugged Spanish policeman..."

I'm pretty sure, that there aren't any rugged spanish policeman in Colombia, except maybe in holidays ;)
PA!N 28th September 2006, 16:50 Quote
Imo that game sucks...I played it for about 15min and then uninstalled it!
Keep your cash...cause this game is lousy. Most of it is a bad, very bad copy of Max Payne. An it's another one of these games that dosn't support widescreen
Garside 28th September 2006, 17:03 Quote

I thought there was an explanation about Max Payne in the original manual, I might be wrong on that one though.

Isn't a matador Spanish though? Oh well another confusing aspect.
Tyinsar 28th September 2006, 17:23 Quote
Thanks for the laughs: The front page blurb :) , the bit about Steven Segal (he'd kick your butt for calling all his movies "B-rate" - but they all are :D ), and the final bit: "El Shatador" :) ;) .

I don't care about this game since I can't play FPS (motion sickness) but No Widescreen!?!? :?
DaSuperFly 28th September 2006, 21:22 Quote
"An alcoholic running an operation against an international drug organisation? Fight fire with fire I suppose." Brilliant!
Bindibadgi 28th September 2006, 21:33 Quote
Originally Posted by Garside

I thought there was an explanation about Max Payne in the original manual, I might be wrong on that one though.

Isn't a matador Spanish though? Oh well another confusing aspect.

A Matador is Spanish: The Bull Ring.

Max Payne was explained in the manual, it's something along the lines of "when Max gets really into the moment it's as if time slows down.." or some crap like that.
Kumo 28th September 2006, 22:17 Quote
Well "Matador" or "Torero" are both spanish words that mean Bull fighter.

But in the game's screenshots you can read Medellin, that is actually a city of Colombia, famous by it's drug's cartels (and not by the coffee sadly). So the rugged policeman must be a Colombian one, instead a Spanish one. In Colombia like most of southamerica's countries, speak Spanish.

I don't know if they make bull fights in Colombia, Mexico is the most important country with bull fights in southamerica (Spain, of course is the number one in the world, in bull fighting terms ;) ) And they like (and use often) the word Matador, because a "Matador" is the top level of the bull fighters (Only few can kill a Bull); and because "Matador" also means literally "Killer" (or a people who kills a lot) so a Matador could be an assassin ( like in the movie of Pierce Brosnan) for example.

There are two more tips. Victor "Corbet" isn't a Spanish surname at all. And if you have to kill "Enrique TORO"... "Toro" means "BULL" so the circle is closed.
TheSaladMan 28th September 2006, 23:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Garside
I thought there was an explanation about Max Payne in the original manual, I might be wrong on that one though.

Who reads the manual? :)
r4tch3t 28th September 2006, 23:22 Quote
That review is probably the harshest review I have ever read, but then again sounds like it deserved it. ;) nice quotes in there.
Zheele 29th September 2006, 07:23 Quote
Sadly many new games lately have fallen short of what they might have become. Like Just Cause, The Guild 2, Darkstar One to mention a few. It seems the rush to publish games is making the developers cut corners. Just Cuase has car handling like Whacky Wheels and no physics engine to talk about, and for a game that revolves alot around driving from place to place in you vehicle that's just bad...

Then on the other hand there are games like Company of Heroes that's a pleasant surprise. I just wish more of the gaming industry would care to make games that are good all the way through and not just in one or two areas.

I like it when rewievers can see a game for what it is and tell others the same, most online reviews seem like the texts on the back of the game-boxes. Thanks for the heads up about this game. ;)
Kumo 29th September 2006, 12:45 Quote
Originally Posted by Zheele
...Cuase has car handling like Whacky Wheels ...

Heeee! I love whacky wheels game!! Was 4 floppys in zip mode :D :D
aairon 9th October 2006, 01:52 Quote
Not worth the price even if it were given away for free I would still feel ripped off!.
DarkReaper 9th October 2006, 01:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Forum Rules
No promotion of warez or piracy
aairon 9th October 2006, 02:01 Quote
Won't let it happen again, I Edited it to meet requierments hope it's cool now.
DarkReaper 9th October 2006, 07:50 Quote

Welcome to the forums, aairon B)
aairon 9th October 2006, 23:16 Quote
Thank you I've read the forum rules as I should have done before I posted, I'll blame it on the heat lol. I wandered here on a google of el matador to see if I was just to picky or if others thought the game sucked as bad as I did, Well I was in for a big suprise to find an extreamly intresting site , the projects could keep me looking for hours, I will post a couple of things I've done in the past with totaly scratch made water (and other liquids) cooling with emphisis on appearence as well as function, I think some may be intrested also wouldn't be complete without pics of a couple of failed attempts lol. Well I'm very happy to have stumbled upon this site. Hello and cheers from the balmy caribbean. ;)
DarkReaper 9th October 2006, 23:47 Quote
Originally Posted by aairon
Hello and cheers from the balmy caribbean. ;)
This is a UK website, don't rub it in :(
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