The MMO's to challenge Warcraft

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Solidus 31st August 2006, 14:11 Quote
Iv been following the warcraft franchise for a while since wc2, wc3 -ROC and the wc3tft expansion and was part of the betas for world of warcraft when it was in production.
I could have told you world of warcraft isnt going to be knocked off the top spot but i doubt anyone would have believed me :P
It really is an amazing accomplishment and has raised the standard far beyond i have ever seen or experienced in gaming.

Personally i think its success is down to blizzard and the warcraft history. They have created an amazing back story and history for the universe to exist in and give it actual meaning for the players and something to relate everything to.

An amazing game an experience!
Agent_M 31st August 2006, 14:30 Quote
the only problem i see with probably all of these games is, you get to x level then the last say 10-20 levels take the same amount of exp to level up as it took to get you to 10-20 levels off the top. making you go out and do mindless killing for hours apon hours, then wanting to kill your self at the end of the session becasue you didnt level up.

Tabula Rasa sounds good, ive always perfered sci-fi magicness like anarchy online to the whole elf stuff.
im not sure about its fps aspect though, it depends how they go about servers really, anarchy online had about 3 major servers with the whole gaming world on and most people played on the first server. they had to have lots of diffrent areas unlike wow, but lag was still a pretty big problem alot of the time and that would effect the fps aspect of this new game if they stick with that server setup.

my brother has been raving about the conan one alot and about its combat system saying its more based around what someone could really do with a sword and that you control it more than just pressing 1 and 2 alot to do special attacks but ive not really read up on it.

i think the warhammer one will be great though, i was following its production back before it got stopped and they were pretty close to a beta then, its good to see its been picked up again, i think a diffrent company is making it this time though so im not sure if they've been working from scratch or using the previous companys stuff.

it should be great though they were talking about starting with a cerain area of the warhammer world taken off the maps made for it and what not, then expantions adding new areas till they have most/all of the warhammer world.

warhammer 40000 would have made a better mmo though :D
atanum141 31st August 2006, 14:46 Quote
I like the look of the LOTR based game, tho i'd be more interested in the Startrek/Stargate games.
Rich_13 31st August 2006, 14:47 Quote
I think people will eventually get bored of them. I prefer smaller communities where you can start to get to know alot of the people you play with. I'm looking forward to Never Winter Nights 2 andthe countless mods that'll be made for it.

Wow just got too old too fast for me.
EK-MDi 31st August 2006, 15:08 Quote
I think the Lord Of The Rings: Shadows of Angmar, looks like the best one of the lot. I'm going to try out the beta, and it's getting a lot of great reviews from alpha testers.
Agent_M 31st August 2006, 15:16 Quote
oh, alil bit more on topic, none of them will beat wow, its too well established and is easy to learn for a new gamer.
theres also the whole bit where its almost imposoble to play more than one mmo, but thats mostly a social thing. play wow, get friends in wow, try new game, know no one in it, go back to wow to be with your friends.

in wow i got a paladin to about 45 then stopped playing for about 6 months as it jut got really tedious, when i went back to it i got my paladin to about 58, then got bored again nad i no longer have an account. but i know people with like 5 level 60s and things like that.
personaly ive never gotten a character to the top level in a mmo before, i just cant justify the lack of fun in grinding exp for days so i stop.
will. 31st August 2006, 15:21 Quote
I've recently got obsessed with wow agian. lvl 60 here i come... However, as soon as stargate worlds is releaced (and i really hope it does get there) I predict I will move straight over to that.
Orca 31st August 2006, 15:24 Quote
Originally Posted by Agent_M
warhammer 40000 would have made a better mmo though :D

Holy crap that would be awesome if they did! But it probably would turn into Planetside or something :S

I think for me Stargate sounds interesting... and out of those mentioned in the article I'd probably give Warhammer a shot if/when open beta comes out. Until then it's back to WoW...

And then there's Phantasy Star Universe! I know I know not "really" an MMO but still :p
MiNiMaL_FuSS 31st August 2006, 15:24 Quote
Are there to be any more FREE mmorpgs though?
Rich_13 31st August 2006, 15:28 Quote
Originally Posted by will.
I've recently got obsessed with wow agian. lvl 60 here i come... However, as soon as stargate worlds is releaced (and i really hope it does get there) I predict I will move straight over to that.

yeah a stargate mmo game would be cool although I think it would have to be a vast game to keep up with being accurate to the series.

Atlantis would prob not have enough depth yet as it's still new but then again that could leave them on be a bit more creative...
Jokkocze 31st August 2006, 15:38 Quote
WoW is crap.. it made SoE ruin Galaxies..
Leitchy 31st August 2006, 16:21 Quote
Eve Online ***
RotoSequence 31st August 2006, 16:29 Quote
Im with Leitchy on this - and with the content that is going to be added to EVE over the next year, I think it deserved some recognition in the article; new ships, new elements of gameplay, new items, new ways to enhance almost everything in an already excellent game makes this game, in my opinion, more than a match for WoW.
g3n3tiX 31st August 2006, 16:58 Quote
I'm not really into MMORPG. Always fantasy worlds, except for some. I prefer FPS...less thinking involved. ^^

BTW, tabula rasa URL is broken : erul instead of eurl...
DriftCarl 31st August 2006, 17:07 Quote
nice roundup of some great MMO's to be released. Ive been following Warhammer Online for a while and have a news site for it
I think the major selling point of WAR will be its RvR(PvP) aspect of the game.
I am going to check it out at gamesday 2006 in birmingham on 24th september too :)
Tibby 31st August 2006, 17:56 Quote
Must say Stargate sounds AWESOME.

Big stargate fan.

Also I think MMORPGs need to focus a bit more on PvP and also have more events, for instance in Lord of the Rings, have a monthl massive struggle for a stronghold against the Orcs.

Something like how Chromehounds is played on the xbox but also mixed with skirmishing in a vast world.

I do like the sound of the Pirates of the Burning Sea though, with the struggles for ports and what not.
Techno-Dann 31st August 2006, 18:34 Quote
I may be switching from WoW to Pirates, if the ship-creation system is flexible enough...
Jamie 31st August 2006, 19:00 Quote
Pirates looks cool, going to follow that one for sure. Nothing to make me leave WoW at the moment though.
koola 31st August 2006, 19:31 Quote
No mention of Guild Wars :(

I'm hooked on GW atm, but I just ordered EVE Online. Looks great!
Tyinsar 31st August 2006, 22:05 Quote
The Pirate one looks interesting. If done right it should even be self-balancing: winning side = more (& bigger) trade ships = more opportunity for pirates from opposing nations (i.e. It should be more dangerous but also more lucrative for people to attack the bigger nation - just like it was in Sid Meir's Pirates! (original > recent remake IMHO)). Combine that with something like the ancient BBS game TradeWars 2002 and it might be fun (though, now that I look @ TW it sounds a lot like what I have heard of Eve Online)

I look forward to seeing LOTR & am curious about Stargate & Star Trek but if history serves as a guide LOTR will be only ok, the Stargate game will be mediochre, & Star Trek will suck even more that "Enterprise" did. :( Conan sounds like a one trick pony - lets see, I can be a barbarian or maybe a barbarian, or what about playing as a barbarian :p
Originally Posted by MiNiMaL_FuSS
Are there to be any more FREE mmorpgs though?
For anything of quality I think the closest would be the one-time cost of Guild Wars (that's why I bought it) ;)
TsunamiWombat 31st August 2006, 23:41 Quote
Guild Wars was an interesting game, with beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, and best of all NO MONTHLY FEE'S!

Unfortunatly it was completly instanced and lacking any dynamic elements, and calling Guild Wars an RPG is equivilant to calling George Bush an academic. Sure, he WENT to college... some of the time... But it's just not the same.
speedfreek 31st August 2006, 23:46 Quote
their own, pimped out custom pirate battleship

The only game I find interesting on there, and then only if it dosent make you pay repeatedly.

Wow looks like crap to me still, it all looks the same and when I see my friends playing it all I can think is SSDD.
Bladestorm 31st August 2006, 23:47 Quote
Eve = excellent, and shouldn't be ruled out, I dont know many other games who's subscriber numbers have constantly increased, at an increasing rate, month on month (25,000 subs a little after launch 3 years ago, 100,000 less than 9 months ago, 140,000 just anounced)

This warhammer online is a completely new RvR-based game and not the world-based warhammer online that was being made before, they have said warhammer 40,000 might have been fun to do instead, but when games workship aproached them they already had there own Sci-Fi MMORPG Imperator in the works (since been indefinetely shelved) so they wanted to make a fantasy game.
Brooxy 1st September 2006, 00:00 Quote
Nightfall for the win in my personal opinion...i'm really into the storylines at the moment..
Agent_M 1st September 2006, 00:48 Quote
:( the world based warhammer game looked so promising too, i hate it when companys stop devlopment, its not like citadel minatures are low on funds, £5 a hit for a single cast metal figure =\

id love a 40k based game, playing as a 8ft tall space marine or some evil chaos marine summoning up giant demons :D
i guess i just perfer sci-fi to myth and magic stuff.
mybe i should check out that cell shaded mmo, anyone played it?

edit: i cant even try the mmo out :( seed has a 'free 14 day trial' but to get it you have to enter credit card info for a subscription, and they dont accept maestro cards, if its free, make it free damnit.
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