Auto Assault


Auto Assault Image quality Auto Assault Image quality
(left) Minimum Shadows (right) High Shadows
The game allows you to choose between four levels of shadowing. When set to Off, all shadows are disabled. At Minimum, shadows are enabled on characters only and have aliased edges. At Medium shadows are cast for characters and details (like the car’s spoiler and the telegraph pole) but remain aliased. Finally, when set to High all shadows are enabled and have soft edges. Shadows add quite a lot of atmosphere to the game to it's worth getting them on if you can. Thankfully, they're not too GPU-intensive.


Auto Assault Image quality Auto Assault Image quality
(left) Low Textures (right) High Textures
Because the environments are so large, Auto Assault uses fairly low resolution textures on everything but your car and NPC characters. Fortunately, for people with graphics cards possessing 128MB of memory or higher, you can leave these set to High quite easily.

Anti Aliasing

The in game Anti Aliasing setting is just an On/Off toggle and only provides 2x Anti Aliasing. If you want to set higher levels of AA, we’d recommend disabling it within the game and forcing a setting using the Advanced section of your graphics card driver.

Advanced Shaders

Auto Assault Image quality Auto Assault Image quality
(left) Low Shaders (right) High Shaders
You may disable Advanced Shaders to gain performance. If your card is below GeForce 6800GT or Radeon X850XT specifications we’re recommend disabling these and using the lower quality effects. The not-so-advanced shaders are still pretty good, as you can see from the comparison screens. In-game, it can actually be fairly hard to tell the difference between the two - the effect of High Shaders is pretty subtle. You can click the screenshots for larger versions.