Crysis: new screenshots and preview

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drudragon 20th April 2006, 16:11 Quote
Just registered with the Bit-Tech forums! :)

Holy crap, this is what next-gen graphics are!!! These screens are amazingly lifelike, i can't wait till this game !!! :D
Fruitloaf 20th April 2006, 16:20 Quote
The shots look absolutely awesome, what really worries me is the statement that Windows Vista will be required to play this game. Vista will have only just come out so just how many people are going to have the OS at that point? Certainly not me anyway.

Is it perhaps that you need Vista to use the DX10 effects, there has to be back support for DX9 cards etc so hopefully it won't actually be Vista only, just pretty graphics Vista only.
twlott 20th April 2006, 16:21 Quote
wrong with the last statement. this game is not going to require direct x10. check out the Q and A here. the game can be played on current hardware IE direct x9. with current hardware.
liquid_gen 20th April 2006, 16:27 Quote
wow. these grafix are incredible n just think this is the first directx10 game. imagine what futue titles are gonna look like. I think not even a quad 7900gtx setup could play tis game anywhere near max settings while keeping frame rates adequate (if 7900s could even play direct x10)
Spacecowboy92 20th April 2006, 16:28 Quote
Must upgrade PC. Must play Crysis. Must upgrade PC. Must play Crysis. Must upgrade PC. Must play Crysis.
twlott 20th April 2006, 16:29 Quote
did u guys read my post??? If you have a good current system you can play it. :D
liquid_gen 20th April 2006, 16:35 Quote
does anyone know how sure we are that these images are produced in-game or are they pre-rendered
Fozzy 20th April 2006, 16:36 Quote
maybe it can be played with current hardware but you wont get the eye candy.

/me looks at 7800gt then looks again at trash bin......
gpw111 20th April 2006, 16:45 Quote

i am way too excited about this game!
chemo 20th April 2006, 16:50 Quote
Originally Posted by twlott
did u guys read my post??? If you have a good current system you can play it. :D

fair point, you will be able to play it with dx9, but i dont think for a second it will look like that with current dx9 hardware. that is going to need dx10 im sure.
dullonien 20th April 2006, 17:01 Quote
Holy S**t that looks unbelievable, So gonna be an expensive beggining of 2007 for me then. Full new system build with the best stuff i can afford, copy of vista and a copy of this game.
Shadowed_fury 20th April 2006, 17:02 Quote
Kipman725 20th April 2006, 17:04 Quote
Well unless those are not real time rendered or rendered using some clever software that will translate Dx10 shaders to Dx9 then thats the quality thats posible using a current card as the Dx10 cards haven't even been produced yet!
automagsrock 20th April 2006, 17:19 Quote

:Needs to get off his lazy butt and get PC in sig built:
antiHero 20th April 2006, 17:23 Quote
sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!! hve to rob a bank and upgrade my system!!!
awsome visuals, just awsome!
drinn 20th April 2006, 17:30 Quote
The graphics.. umm.. just so amazing! :O
Dr. Strangelove 20th April 2006, 17:33 Quote
That just looks amazing.. almost too amazing, which has me worried that these are pre-rendered.

One question: if the eye candy is only available on Dx10 and Dx10 cards have not yet been made. How can these pictures be anything but pre-rendered? Are they then single frames rendered in software?

Still looks very nice.. need a new computer just to run Vista let alone this game.. I'll start saving now and in 2007 when the game comes out I might have enough :D
quack 20th April 2006, 17:54 Quote
The_Pope 20th April 2006, 17:56 Quote
OK don't panic people - I'll make an edit to the text and follow up with some discussion in here in a few minutes
WarningFromSpace 20th April 2006, 17:59 Quote
Keep in mind that all that is only on DX9. All I can say is holy sh*t.
CJs06 20th April 2006, 18:01 Quote
The screens are not pre-rendered. Check out the Tech-demos crytek released.

Go to to see the tech-demo previews. THERE AWESOME.
TomH 20th April 2006, 18:09 Quote
But I didn't really fancy running Vista :(

/me donates to the Wine project
GuardianStorm 20th April 2006, 18:10 Quote
/me wants :o
The_Pope 20th April 2006, 18:26 Quote
Thanks for the heads up - the info we had previously was it was DX10 only. Clearly that doesn't make a whole lot of commercial sense, since all the XP gamers with DX9 cards wouldn't be able to play it. If they can detect DX9 vs DX10 and adjust the effects and detail level accordingly then cool.

My advice is to hang tight - we'll be at E3 in a few weeks and we will play it first hand and grill the developers. And of course when the game comes out, you can count on bit-tech to test it on a wide range of hardware and establish your Best Playable Settings.
LAGMonkey 20th April 2006, 18:56 Quote
mmmmmmm those are some of the most sexy pictures ive seen today. Beautiful.
I have a feeling that a PPU will be required for this title. And that dense vegetation, stunning.
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