City of Villains

City of Villains Along came a Spider..


We've read the comics and watched all the films - Superman, Spider-man, X-Men, The Matrix, Blade and Star Wars to name but a few. They all show the heroic struggle against Good and Evil, with the bad guys generally ending up face planting whilst the protagonist, atop a pile of rubble and a big slice of Moms Apple Pie, looks triumphantly into an uncertain future with more evil lurking just round the corner.

However, even though you're sitting there with patriotic pride swelling in your Spandex, isn't there always a little bit of you that thinks, "But the bad guys are just so cool..." Who doesn't occasionally want to punch the good guy in the plums, just as they're delivering that awful monologue about how "Evil will never triumph whilst they're in town"?

City of Villains Along came a Spider.. City of Villains Along came a Spider..
Well, now the good guys needn't always win.

"Potential children of destiny, our combined might has triumphed over Statesman's futile attempt to subjugate us! Against over-whelming odds, our indomitable strength has vanquished those heroes that dared enter our dominion. With invincible determination we have repelled the zealot Statesman and his mindless minions, proving that we are a force to be reckoned with."

With the ending of Evil Mastermind Lord Recluse's address to those fortunate enough to fight against the final assault from Statesman on the beta, thus begins the latest expansion to the City of Heroes game world - 'City of Villains'. Those of you familiar with the back-story to City of Heroes (CoH) will know that Lord Recluse has been silently managing the Rogue Isles for decades and now you've been allowed to enter his world.

City of Villains Along came a Spider.. City of Villains Along came a Spider..
Whilst your idea of fun might be steaming into Paragon City - where the heroes originate from -- robbing banks or battering old ladies, the concept of City of Villains is not exactly what you would expect. Whilst you can do those things, you're generally limited to pursuing your criminal activities within the corrupted Rogue Isles themselves, so anyone you make a smouldering pile of ash of is likely to be as villainous as yourself. They say there is no honour amongst thieves and that saying has never been more apt than now as you battle your way up the food chain to try and take your place as a renowned Arch-Villain.