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cpemma 25th October 2005, 14:05 Quote
Firaxis promise that this will be the most accessible Civ yet.
If that means dumbed down so the mentally-highly-average can play soldiers, it loses the point. Civ 2 was the version, get to tanks first and then conquer the world.

Better graphics != Better game
specofdust 25th October 2005, 14:10 Quote
Its a common trend. They say its accessable, that means they want more profits so have slashed the intelligence and dedication requirements in favour of simplicity and easy rewards. The worlds turning into an FPS :(
Bindibadgi 25th October 2005, 14:33 Quote
Looks nice, but still not nice enough imo. They could easily implement some nice water effects with dx9 etc
Andy Mc 25th October 2005, 15:16 Quote
i remember playing civ on my amiga 500 for hours on end. It is truely one of the greatest game francises of all time.
I can wait for this to hit the shelves...
DreamTheEndless 25th October 2005, 16:02 Quote
Wow -

Too bad my pregnant fiance has a problem with me spending 20+ hours at a sitting playing video games..... She actually wants me to interact with her and help clean the house and such....

When was the last time I played civ? 94?
Migishu 25th October 2005, 17:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
Looks nice, but still not nice enough imo. They could easily implement some nice water effects with dx9 etc
If you want to move to the most hardcore level, Firaxis are releasing the SDK for the game to would-be modders. This should mean that gamers can do pretty much anything with the game, short of changing the graphics engine and the network code.

Yeah, they could've done it themselves, but the games open for heavy customization

Either way, I want, now!
Firehed 25th October 2005, 19:37 Quote
Might be worth a play, dunno. Civ2 was indeed an excellent game. It doesn't look like it'll rape my computer, but then again [insert phrase of choice for good computer to counteract previous comment] so I'll take some extra graphics for a lower framerate. And in any case, it's hardly an FPS so it doesn't need 30+fps at all times. Even Chaos Theory would let me get away with 15-20 on occasion, as it's more stealthy than go around and kill everyone.
Wrigley1 26th October 2005, 02:19 Quote
YEAH!! I've been playing Civ2 on my Playstation for 4 years now! Time to upgrade! *does happy dance*
731|\|37 26th October 2005, 13:55 Quote
you can actualy endure civ on a playstation? Iv played starcraft on an n64, that was hell but wow.

RTS and the like do not mix with consoles

I found civ 3 slightly boring on the PC. not excited, but I admit it looks good
Bindibadgi 26th October 2005, 15:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Migishu
Yeah, they could've done it themselves, but the games open for heavy customization

Either way, I want, now!

Not good enough imo. It's all well and good releasing an SDK to let others do the work for you :/ But if i spend my hard earned wonger on a game i want it to do what it should do, not let others make it instead. Anyway, it says you cant screw with the engine, an i doubt the engine supports some hardcore DX9 functions.
Wrigley1 27th October 2005, 00:36 Quote
you can actualy endure civ on a playstation?
Yeah, Civilization 2 on a playstation 1 wasn't great, but it was livable. The worst part was the theme music (duh du du du du duuuhh, do do do do dooo...). That almost drove me nuts.
LaughingJon 27th October 2005, 11:08 Quote
have had this on preorder since like August.. well looking forward to it lol.

hoping their idea of a "quick game" really is just a few hours rather than the days spent on all the others..
jezmck 27th October 2005, 16:21 Quote
looks interesting - I have been wanting to find a new game which isn't yet another FPS...

PS - Typo page 2 para 2: "...This is your standard map editing fayre, wi... That should be 'fare' I believe. (fayre is psuedo-archaic)
Hamish 27th October 2005, 16:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Bindibadgi
Looks nice, but still not nice enough imo. They could easily implement some nice water effects with dx9 etc
if by nice you mean 'crappy' then yes :p
Ground Control 2 looks better than that and its a few years old now
Top Nurse 28th October 2005, 09:59 Quote
Ohhhhh lala. :D I first played CIV on an AT IIRC. Can't wait as this game is truly addictive. It's even got warning signs on the box saying it is addictive. :) :)
Skutbag 28th October 2005, 13:34 Quote
Changing to new Civic forms will have a dramatic effect on the character and success of your civilization. You'll be able to boost or cut productivity, wealth, and happiness, make choices to increase/decrease the spread of religion, and even affect your ability to produce and maintain a large standing army."

Alpha centauri anyone? Been there done that, but it's a dang good idea and leads to some interesting social engineering. Barbaric, tree hugging and warmongering? Or maybe a free market supported by a massive criminal organisation? (INSERT SOCIAL SATIRE HERE) :D
MiNiMaL_FuSS 28th October 2005, 13:39 Quote
cant wait to be frank, was playing civ3 only yesterday.....and now today...and probably tomorrow....dammit help me!
zoom314 28th October 2005, 22:59 Quote
Well It looks interesting and yeah I started playin Civ way back on an Amiga 1000 too, So I can hardly wait, But I will as I have other interests that come first right now. :'( I just love the blue emoticons here. ;)
I_Slider_I 7th November 2005, 20:10 Quote
I'd be surprised if the game play stands up to Civilization 2. Civ 3 was gay, all the culture bull **** made it impossible to be a war mongering maniac. I hate getting cheaped out by AI players that can build units twice as fast, and end up winning on sheer mass alone, and not any actual strategy. Beef up the strategy of the enemies, allow more war mongering and you've got yourself a game. In Civ 2 all that mattered was expand as fast as you can and tech hard, while taking over a few smaller civilizations and you would have yourself an empire in no-time. In Civ 3 if you expanded to fast you ended up with WAY to many problems.
yyrkoon 7th December 2005, 07:18 Quote
Guys, Guys, Guys.... (or gals whatever the case)

This is a TBS game (turn based strategy) . . . Since when does this type of game NEED stuff like the latest Directx drivers ? It doesnt. Sid Meyers could have used his own proprietary graphics for this game, and it would have been fine. Civ games have never been the "cuttting edge must have ultimate graphics card NOW" type of game. Civ has always been a thinking mans game (and no i dont mean like finding an in game glitch like "get tanks and conquer the world"), I mean as in playing a single game over the course of several days (sometimes), playing it, learning new ways to beat it.

I personally preffered Alpha Centari more, but, ah well . . . I will buy this game just because firaxis /Sid made it, and games of this quality are becomming a thing of the past (X-com 2005 anyones ?!)

Adding the SDK into the mix, well i dont know what to think about that, I mean sometimes its hard to even find time to play your favorite game, let alone code a new one ? IS this why people buy games ? to make more content for it when they barely have time to play the game to begin with ? I can program, thats not the problem, but I OWN marrowind, and MAYBE spent 10 minutes with the worldbuilder . . . In other words even if i do have the time, i bought the game to play it, not make it.

The added elements in this game were probably meant to add to a game in a way that would make a player have to think more, and differently compared to older games in this series, which i view as a good thing. Too many games now days just arent worth even what you pay for them (even after they hit the bargin bin)

Oh, and by the way, the key to beating CivII isnt getting tanks then killing everyone, its NUKE everyone, and then paratroopers ! ;)

Just my two cents . . .
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