Black & White 2: new screenshots

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Darkedge 26th July 2005, 09:12 Quote
I hate the cow.

But it looks very pretty and sounds much better
The_Pope 26th July 2005, 09:48 Quote
I used the cow as my character for the first game - this is obviously his hairy, highland cousin :)
crichards 26th July 2005, 11:04 Quote
I hope they've solved the micro-management problems of the earlier incarnations.
DarkReaper 26th July 2005, 12:07 Quote
I hope it doesn't need a cutting-edge graphics card, cos I can't afford one :(
Zidane 26th July 2005, 12:29 Quote

black and white is my life (yes, i am sad and lonely), i got the origonal, and the expansion pack creature isle. i am waiting with baited breath for this ;)

crichards: if you micromanage the villagers, they will become lazy and expect you to continue to manage them. when they are all sitting down, being lazy, either train your creature to carry them to objects (feilds and fish for food, forests for wood, another villager for breeders)...... oooor, just leave them. if a village has enough feilds to sustain its population, breeders (either very few males, or lots of females), then they will be fairly happy. when their needs get too high, they will fullfill them.
DarkReaper 26th July 2005, 13:06 Quote
Yah, you only have to micromanage if ya wanna be good - and where's the fun in that?
Zidane 26th July 2005, 13:13 Quote
well... good-ish..... you can avoid micromanaging and still be good. say, someone 'accidentally' trains their creature to periodicly fireball the creche, and you, as a good and kind god, extinguish the flmaes and cast heal..... a big helping hand usualy makes up for tossing a few people into the ocean. (no matter how evil it makes me, i cant help throwing them in the ocean, its so damn funny).

oh, and if your creature does start fireballing creche's.... as long as its trained to feed and snuggle the villagers more than it fireballs them, it can be quite good too ;)
Nanaki 26th July 2005, 13:18 Quote
That would be why there are no longer wood spells, etc. Try reading the website -- it's not all about micromanagement in #2.

(and yes, I did just register so I could point that out)
Zidane 26th July 2005, 13:30 Quote
lol, welcome to the forums Nanaki ;)

i know theres no wood spells, i was referring to the good/evil counter in the origonal black and white (namely, you can do an evil thing, then do some good things to make up for the evil things, and remain nuetral/good/evil).

as for the wood, it still suprises me the forestry management is being touted as a 'new' feature. one of the first things i do with any creature is train it to grow forests on land 1 (do big ship quest, train creature water miracle, train creature to take small tree, pick up tree and replant it several times, then water lots == new forest, then periodicly water forest), as on many of the lands, wood is in such short supply, and you inevitably get more wood for less effort from a forest, than just continual wood spells (and, if you continually give villagers wood, they get complacent, you get less beleif for the wood, and they become lazy and dont bother harvesting more wood). all of this allready exists in the origonal game, and its being touted as a 'new; feature. whilst there may have been some improvements to it, its still an existing thing.

as for micromanagement..... you can micromanage your villages as much as you like, but if you just leave them to it, they can generally take care of themselves. as long as you make sure there are forests for them to harvest (train your creature to make them), and you place enough feilds for them to farm, they will be quite happy. as for houses and offspring, you wont ever get those needs fullfilled, an excess of houses means a need for offspirng, etc. just let them sleep on the grass and the village will reach equillibrium.

i should also mention i am the worlds biggest black&white fanboy. even to the point of having the opening "creation of a god" as my system startup tune, usually, new games and such dont really excite me so much, i hardly play games, but black&white2 will be the exception, im drooling at the thought of getting my hands on it.
Asphix 26th July 2005, 13:39 Quote
I enjoyed the first B&W game.. looking forward to this one. If budget permits I'll pick up a copy.
DLoney 26th July 2005, 13:47 Quote
Look forward to playing this one...
Nanaki 26th July 2005, 16:26 Quote
lol, hey, Zidane. I've been lurking for almost a year. :D I was talking more to DarkReaper.

Anyway, I am hoping it wont be all about micromanagement in multiplayer games. I wonder if the gameplay will change for it.

Oww, I can't wait. I am looking forward to this more than anything else.
Da Dego 26th July 2005, 17:08 Quote
Hehehehehe...I am so excited about this...I loved the first one.

I hope they keep up with the same awesome music and such.
Vonpo 26th July 2005, 20:31 Quote
oooo looks good :D
hmm maybe in october get 1 more grafa card and the game will flow really well
I also hope there are more then just the lion,cow,monkey and wolf to choose from as your pet.. I mean come on where is the bear??? :|
Zidane 26th July 2005, 22:58 Quote
Originally Posted by Nanaki
lol, hey, Zidane. I've been lurking for almost a year. :D I was talking more to DarkReaper.

Anyway, I am hoping it wont be all about micromanagement in multiplayer games. I wonder if the gameplay will change for it.

Oww, I can't wait. I am looking forward to this more than anything else.

nanaki: hehe, no problems dude. i suspect gameplay will change a lot, especially with the war scenarios they are promising. hopefully it will cut down on the "teach your creature to megablast extreme the enemy's temple" players who whine when they realise you trained your own creature to kick theirs in the nuts ;)

i dont think theres actually that much they can actually do to the game. i mean, like, your God, what more can you add to that? lol. the war looks interesting, telling villagers to follow your creature sounds interesting. i wonder, if they are following when your creature goes to forest some trees, will the villagers do that too?

i cant wait for a copy of this!
DarkLord7854 29th July 2005, 02:14 Quote
Been watching their website for nearly 4 months now... I want it so bad.. it looks real nice and considering how amazing the first one was, and highly advanced for it's time, I think this one will be a huge hit
DarkReaper 29th July 2005, 13:07 Quote
The depressing thing for me is that I won't play it. I had the original B&W for ages and only started playing it after I had built a computer in school for my Tech project - hey, I needed something to do in my free periods!

I just never make time for games any more, I haven't even started HL2 :(
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