Domination - hardware gaming review

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yodasarmpit 23rd May 2005, 11:24 Quote
So the moral of the story is RTFM :D , or at least play through the tutorial.

With these type of games, often the best tutorials are the one that make you go over the same stuff again and again, that way it's imprinted in your head.

Good read Wil.
jezmck 23rd May 2005, 21:06 Quote
I really like the style of this review - I've never been too bothered by spending a fortune so I can get perfect graphics, so it is good to see what some mid-range hardware can produce. You say that you want to include performance details but you haven't gone overboard -> ;).

The review would benefit from having a link to the official site: (even if it is a shocking single page with a rubbish URL).
edit: okay it does have it's own site:
DLoney 30th May 2005, 03:26 Quote
Good Review!
Look forward to more video games being reviewed!

One Question:
Is Online gaming free? It would be nice to know...
Also, does it use gamespy?

-thanks in advance for any help...
WilHarris 30th May 2005, 10:50 Quote
Yup, online is free: uses its own custom interface.

Jazzle / Yoda: cheers for the tips / comments :) Look out for new this week...
Speed 18th June 2005, 14:08 Quote
Yeah great review! I usually go through the tutorials anyways! They are there for a reason. :)
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