FarCry Patch 1.3 Evaluation

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dom_ 3rd November 2004, 12:51 Quote
downloading now :)

nice article again. it is 20times better with the pic comparisons and techincal detail.
buchans 3rd November 2004, 14:30 Quote
VERY good indepth article.. about 90% more than the developers tell us about the patch! :D
dom_ 3rd November 2004, 15:17 Quote
--SoulArrow--> 3rd November 2004, 20:33 Quote
Blue's news just guided me here.and after going thru couple of pages i happened to be enjoying this article till the last line with my trusty coffe mug .

;) Tim and hey I just registered here.

Good Article (Best Among other 1.3 reviews).

Definitley im gonna try it out with HDR Ultra is clocked at 425,1100.
I was just thinking UltraExtreme 6800 vs X800XT PE is kinda more Ultra is for XT.Dont you think.

I kinda figured you downclocked that Ultra XFX from 450 to 400,or not.

again ;)
Tim S 3rd November 2004, 23:32 Quote
Thanks for the comments guys ;)

Just to answer a couple of the questions/comments...

When I initially came to start the article, I didn't think there was quite so much work... but you know, HDR kinda absorbed me in to things and I just had to play it through all over again :D

That kinda took 2 1/2 days out of the equation :o

Welcome to the forums SoulArrow, glad that you enjoyed the read - we hope you'll stick around! ;)

I decided to clock it down to 400/1100MHz in order to represent the minimum you're likely to get with a GeForce 6800Ultra. I quite agree that the 6800Ultra Extreme is a more realistic comparison to the X800 XT Platinum Edition, so maybe I should use the X800 XT clocks in future - the availability of 400MHz 6800GT's has about the same as the availability of the vanilla X800 XT, so they're a more realistic battle ground, possibly... We will have to see.
Froggy 4th November 2004, 01:26 Quote

WTF how did you get that much ammo BigZ? Or should i call you BigCheater? :D
Tim S 4th November 2004, 01:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Froggy

WTF how did you get that much ammo BigZ? Or should i call you BigCheater? :D
Tolsk 5th November 2004, 03:16 Quote
im having a problem with my hdrrendering, whever i turn it on to anything amount al the sudden everything but water and roofs dissapear.

I've tried to take a screenshot but for some reson its not letting me.
Tim S 5th November 2004, 09:16 Quote
hmm, what drivers are you using?
Tolsk 5th November 2004, 15:51 Quote
the ones you used in the test 66.81?
Tim S 5th November 2004, 21:47 Quote
very strange... :|

Have you tried any other driver versions? :?
Tolsk 6th November 2004, 01:09 Quote
no but ill try and get back to you on that.
Irvine 9th November 2004, 04:54 Quote
was there a 1.2 patch or did it just go over my head.... :(
Tim S 9th November 2004, 12:33 Quote
Originally Posted by Irvine
was there a 1.2 patch or did it just go over my head.... :(
There was a 1.2 patch, but it was withdrawn due to arguements between ATI/NVIDIA where they broke eachothers shader path, leading to instability and crashing on either ATI or NVIDIA boards, depending on which version of the patch you had.

They pulled patch 1.2 after about 7 days because of the issues with it.
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