Chrono Trigger DS

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Edvuld 14th February 2009, 10:48 Quote
Awesome game!
loftie 14th February 2009, 11:48 Quote
Not much of an rpg fan, but i did enjoy this game on the ds, kept me busy for a good while! Well, still have to beat lavos and get my game ending. One of the things i enjoyed was it was 2D, and wasn't a 3D rpg. Definately recommended.
BlackMage23 14th February 2009, 12:01 Quote
yeah, this is one of the best 2D rpgs on the planet, and I don't think we are gona see anymore good 2D rpgs now, heack they are doing their best to make 3D games on the DS. THink I would have enjoyed FF3 a lot more if it was 2D.
FaSMaN 14th February 2009, 15:23 Quote
Wasn't Chrono Trigger for the snes not the nes ;)
docodine 14th February 2009, 16:12 Quote
Now let's go ahead and re-release Chrono Cross...
mauvecloud 14th February 2009, 17:33 Quote
This one's probably good for those who haven't played the SNES version. However, I don't see much incentive for someone like me, who still has the SNES cartridge, to buy the DS version.
Stig 15th February 2009, 06:54 Quote
I've played the SNES version, and I still got this. I think its worth it just to have a copy of the game I can carry around with me! This game has great replay value, so even if you played it a few times on SNES, grab the DS version and you won't be dissapointed :)
HourBeforeDawn 15th February 2009, 09:47 Quote
hmm this is where I wish the Wii had a DS emulator where you cam buy this for the Wii... hmm maybe there is a homebrew option will have to look into that ^__^
CardJoe 15th February 2009, 13:04 Quote
Is Chrono Trigger not on Virtual Console for the Wii?
Stig 15th February 2009, 23:33 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Is Chrono Trigger not on Virtual Console for the Wii?

It isn't, which is unfortunate.
Ultimate RPG Gamer 5th March 2009, 03:10 Quote
This is a good game and the blog pretty much summed up what the game is about.
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