A New Golden Age of Gaming

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malcolm 2nd June 2011, 23:13 Quote
Mobile gaming only appeals to children. It's not a golden age, it's a dumbing down, not good for gaming at all.
knownballer 4th June 2011, 15:51 Quote
I'll say that this is a golden age in the sense that yes it has opened up the genre to many more people, but also because it has allowed so many more developers to make and distribute their games. This whole market place concept, and remember Msoft did it first with their xbox live (funny how they couldn't extent the idea to other platforms), has made the entry point so much lower.
But their is something that scares me. Right now we see a lot of innovation because of the sheer number of ideas thrown at these platforms, but I wonder if as the power increases there will be a push to go the "graphics route" instead of focusing on gameplay.
hirezo 5th June 2011, 12:38 Quote
Originally Posted by pendragon
uhm, I still think mobile gaming = nintendo .. if i wanted to play games that's what i'd buy.. I don't buy a phone for it's game capabilities.

problem with that is you end up with pockets full of gadgets. wouldn't you prefer one gizmo in your pocket that did it all?
knuck 5th June 2011, 15:39 Quote
Originally Posted by jrs77
I don't really like playing most of the games available for mobile devices, as I do prefer controllers to play games with. Be it wheels for racing, mouse+keyboard for FPS and RPG or joypads for sports and arcade.

Where I totally can see touchscreen working better then the other controllers is RTS like C&C, AOE etc. that would be totally awesome on a tablet with high enough resolution (i.e. atleast 1280x1024) to have enough room for the interface in addition to the rest.

Look at those playing Starcraft 2 on desktop-touchscreens and it's just so intuitive to play these kind of titles on a touchscreen.

it may be intuitive but it also looks much slower. I think whoever invented the mouse and keyboard decades ago simply hit a homerun and came up with the best possible solution on their first try because all the alternatives we have been shown over the years have nothing on a good old mouse/keyboard combo
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