iPhone and iPod Touch Games Round-up 3

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Fredrics 18th July 2009, 12:29 Quote
Do you guys have access to a Iphone 3GS? If so it would be interesting to see if sonic plays without any of the slow down issues.
proxess 18th July 2009, 13:17 Quote
Will there be a Touch S (instead of 3GS) in the future?
leexgx 18th July 2009, 13:25 Quote
most likely was done on an 3gs
CardJoe 18th July 2009, 13:32 Quote
Someone does have a 3GS in the office, and I'll see if we can organise that, but I remember reading elsewhere that the improvement is minimal.
Fredrics 18th July 2009, 13:44 Quote
I know that firemint said that they where able to run real racing with 40 computer controlled cars on the 3gs.
Cruelinios 18th July 2009, 14:05 Quote
good roundup, i've found that Sonic does run better on a 3GS but is still very playable on the 3G. Suprised GeoDefense isn't in here, it possibly one of the most addictive and well made games I've found for the iPhone yet.
rollo 18th July 2009, 14:11 Quote
sonic has no noteable slow down on 3gs from what i can see when playing it. nothing that detracts from the game anyway. Not yet tried real racing maybe its time to purchase. It needs a ff remake on iphone. Would be an insta buy for most
wuyanxu 18th July 2009, 14:40 Quote
i think the problem with Worms is the speed limited by current iPhones. try Worms on 3GS and the 45s time limit should be enough.

Worms, Peggle and Real Racing are on my phone as they are the best games (in this roundup) and a must-have for all iphone OS gamers.

really happy that Bit-tech have been doing iPhone game roundups
Sifter3000 18th July 2009, 14:48 Quote
AFAIK there won't be a Touch S as the Touch already has a faster CPU than the iPhone 3g. Glad you guys liked the round up - if you're in doubt about Real Racing I'd say go for it, it really is quite amazing.
perplekks45 18th July 2009, 14:48 Quote
I miss free games.
sotu1 18th July 2009, 15:38 Quote
from what I remember, certain games will work faster on the 3gs. I say this because in carmack's report on Doom Resurection he notes how the 3gs notably speeds up the game.
KayinBlack 19th July 2009, 15:12 Quote
Hey, is there nothing for the G1? No Apple broken **** for me, I want something for the OTHER platform...

Gripe out of the way, excellent reviews, and I'm seriously starting to wonder what's the best portable gaming solution.
Bauul 20th July 2009, 09:47 Quote
Peggle is, was, and always will be awesome. I've finished both games, every level, every challenge, every damn peg.

Trust me, it's only infinitely winnable at the beginning. Before long, when you get to the stupid "clear 90 orange pegs with one ball" challenges does it get so incredibly difficult. Still addicitve though, still awesome.
Jojii 20th July 2009, 17:48 Quote
So do you have a top list of must haves for somebody just getting an iphone?
knyghtryda 21st July 2009, 06:00 Quote
for absolute must have iphone games, my short list is UniWar (awesome turnbased hex strategy game with surprising depth), tap tap revenge 2 (its waaay too easy, but still very very fun), iDracula (who doesnt like a modern take on Smash TV?) and Real Racing (Yes, its very good). I am also very fond of strategery, though its a bit flawed in its execution. Out of all of those Ive probably sunk the most time into UniWar and iDracula. Oh, and if you want something of a different pace, try Glyder. Its probably the best rendition of pilotwings outside of pilotwings, and is definitely one of the better flying games on the iphone.
Blademrk 21st July 2009, 10:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Jojii
So do you have a top list of must haves for somebody just getting an iphone?

All depends on what you want to do with your iphone.

I tend to use the following on mine

TVGuide (free)
Facebook (free)
TweetDeck (free - but does have some bugs, DougEdey has suggested DestroyTwitter instead)
eBuddy (free) messenger program which integrates MSN, Facebook chat, & several others
Toobz - pipemania style game

There's also an ap which will turn your iphone/ipod touch into a remote monitor/trigger for a Cannon/Nikon SLR (connected to a laptop).
Fod 21st July 2009, 13:02 Quote
it's a shame you guys didn't make everyone buy peggle when it was only 59p in the app store. /rage
wuyanxu 21st July 2009, 13:50 Quote
must have games:

Fieldrunner (best tower defense ever)
Real Racing (best racing on iphone)
Worms (it's worms!)
Texas Hold'em (best poker on iphone)
Flight Control (addictive management minigame)
Sway (best use of iphone touch screen)
F.A.S.T. (best plane game on iphone, if you love HAWX without OFF mode, i'll love this)
Peggle (it's Peggle! )
Trism (best minigame on iphone)
Rolando 1 and 2 (it's fun and innovative)
iDracula (good take on survival)
i Dig It (if you love Motherload on miniclips, this is a MUST! im totally addicted)
Jelly Car (cos it's free)
perplekks45 21st July 2009, 19:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Blademrk
eBuddy (free) messenger program which integrates MSN, Facebook chat, & several others
Toobz - pipemania style game
I use Nimbuzz instead of eBuddy and it works a treat. ;)

Toobz is more than addictive! For every Lovecraft enthusiast "Collected Stories - H.P. Lovecraft" is a must-buy! £1.79 for 40-50 stories. What more could you ask for?

The client is pretty nice as well.
SteveU 22nd August 2009, 12:59 Quote
'The Secret of Monkey Island' is also fantastic on the iPhone (once you realise that you don't have to actually touch the cursor itself to move it round the screen that is).
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