iPhone and iPod Touch Games Round-up 2

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B1GBUD 4th June 2009, 12:02 Quote
Yay... Sims 3 for the iPod Touch!!! Her indoors will be so chuffed!! And now I don't have to buy it for my PC!!

Thanks /b/
Phil Rhodes 4th June 2009, 13:39 Quote
Define irony: there are now more games for the iphone than there are for the Mac.
wuyanxu 4th June 2009, 13:47 Quote
nice, collection. Resident Evil looks very nice.

the game i REALLY want is Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone :)
flibblesan 4th June 2009, 13:57 Quote
Shift looks really fun to play
kenco_uk 4th June 2009, 14:04 Quote
You could install ScummVM on your iphone/itouch and run the free version, I guess.
Sifter3000 4th June 2009, 18:42 Quote
Glad you liked Siberian Strike Joe, it's ace - I completed it on the plane. There's a boss baddie who's basically a drunk Boris Yeltsin :p
Fr4nk 4th June 2009, 23:48 Quote
Though its currently not on the UK appstore for some odd reason, Mobigame's 'EDGE' has got to be one the best games I have come across on the iphone, looks beautiful and is perfect for those idle journeys.

its still on the US appstore and acquirable though..



after a quick goog' this appears to be the reason for the current removal, how shite.
kenco_uk 5th June 2009, 00:30 Quote
Originally Posted by Fr4nk

after a quick goog' this appears to be the reason for the current removal, how shite.

What a load of old toss.
Tomm 5th June 2009, 22:09 Quote
I'm currently in the depths of an addiction to Toki Tori. I thought £3 was a bit steep for a game with no demo, but I'd heard good things and had a long trip to while away. So I gave it a go, and it takes a little while to get into, but it's absolutely brilliant. Definitely my favourite iPhone game so far.

My 2nd favourite game is probably Tap Tap Revenge 2. It's quickly getting a big library of songs and you can't complain at that for a free app.

Airport Mania has been at the top of the "Top 25 paid" apps for the last couple of weeks, and for good reason. That's a very fun little puzzle/strategy game, and 59p is hardly going to break the bank. There's a demo for those not willing to take the risk.

Isotope - thanks for the recommendation! I'd not heard about this, but I'm glad I have now. I love Geometry Wars on the xbox, and this is basically the same. Once you get used to the controls, it's great.
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