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perplekks45 18th May 2017, 13:57 Quote
I really don't understand what's supposed to be difficult about the free-to-play business model of QC. There are only a handful of clearly defined options.

For the champions:

Get the game for free and...
  • just play it, renting champions for 24 real time (not game time) hours with the in-game currency
  • buy Platinum, the in-game premium currency, for real money to permanently unlock champions
  • buy the Champions Pack to receive all champions available at launch immediately and all future champions when they will be released.

For loot/vanity items/nameplates/icons/...:

Get the game for free and...
  • just play it, unlocking a loot box every level (different grades of loot box for different levels)
  • buy Platinum, the in-game premium currency, for real money to buy grade 2 and 3 loot boxes

The learning/skill curve in Quake is steep, very steep and waiting/loading times right now (in the BETA) are way too long. I will happily agree to that. And I will very happily agree to loot boxes being meh, especially since the game is so fast you will most likely not see most of the stuff people might spend money on. But the thing is you don't have to spend any money on the game if you don't want to. And you don't have any advantage if you decide to dump money into the game, you just arguably look prettier in-game. And it's still a closed beta to test the technical aspect and balancing of the game.

And one last thing:
Heroes are underwhelming here, and while I tried my aim with several characters, each with their own health, armour, and speed stats alongside an 'ability' that's supposed to define the character, nothing felt essential.

That is by design. QC is not supposed to be a hero shooter, the champions and their abilities are supposed to add another level of strategy but not to decide a match.
SinxarKnights 18th May 2017, 14:50 Quote
Overall it just felt 'meh' to me. Loot boxes, etc. Don't care about that at all. The gameplay wasn't anything special, can't even dodge or anything like that (double tap a direction). Guess that is a UT thing but it seems sorely missing from QC for me.

It performed well on my PC though (4790k, 16gb ram, gtx 1070 @ 1440p 144hz). I seen a lot of people complaing about lag but I never experienced that. Was quite smooth with a reasonable ping.
Hex 18th May 2017, 14:59 Quote
It's taken me ages to play it since the last patch. The Bethesda Launcher is so bad I never want to have to deal with it again! Installs restart from 0% if anything happens to interrupt them at all. The last patch failed on me repeatedly, so I had to uninstall everything and then reinstall it. Which did get it installed and also fixed the issue with the inbuilt 'system requirements' button thinking my PC wasn't good enough. I saw that was a pretty common issue, it likes to say your CPU & GPU are below spec even when they really, really aren't (saw reports of 1080s being flagged as too low for min spec)!
Neutronman 18th May 2017, 17:13 Quote
I'd love to see a remake of the single player game Quake 2 was one of my favorites. A revisit to Strog would be awesome.
Vault-Tec 18th May 2017, 17:52 Quote
Originally Posted by Neutronman
I'd love to see a remake of the single player game Quake 2 was one of my favorites. A revisit to Strog would be awesome.

Yup Quake 2 was amazing. My fave so far :)
perplekks45 18th May 2017, 18:27 Quote
Best Quake singleplayer game, no discussion.
Fingers66 18th May 2017, 23:25 Quote

However, it’s clad in so much bullshit that it’s nearly impossible to enjoy it. Between each game, there’s a terrible menu screen offering you customisation options, loot boxes (hi, 2017!), new champions, ample ways to spend money, and a variety of stuff you really just can’t care about.

... It’s the main event, but the beta’s biggest problem is its set of modern trappings: No one plays Quake for the cosmetic items, and it’d be good to see more of a focus on the actual business of playing the game and less on trying to nickel and dime you. This is more heinous, as the game actually won’t let you spend real money right now, or at least the option was greyed out and I wasn’t so keen to get spendy that I looked further into it, so it’s all just there to taunt you: 'Look at our incredible, fast-paced, multiplayer arena shooter!', Bethesda coos. 'But wouldn't you rather be fiddling around with this lootbox to get a new skin for a character you can only rent for 24 hours instead?'

^^ This is what is wrong with so many games now...

I may be old but whatever happened to the games? They all seem to be focusing on the "buy this fancy pants skin/upgrade/e-peen for XP/credits/dosh...".

Agree with the previous poster, Quake 2 was awesome back in the 90's but Quake 1 was even more eye opening (apologies to those that weren't even born when we were breaking new ground with online FPS & multiplayer).

Bonded ISDN lines made me a LPB rocket jump c**t...
Vault-Tec 18th May 2017, 23:33 Quote
The trick now is to give away as little game for as much cash as you possibly can.
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