Conan Exiles Early Access Preview

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r8bwp 6th May 2017, 13:05 Quote
Congratulations on 6 hours of game play, however having 968 hours gameplay i might have some insight. This is not really a single player game but for clans. Leveling is just the annoyance to get to lv 30 as fast as you can to unlock steel, where at this point you can now break t1 buildings and loot them, which a lot of the lv 50`s frown upon. There are an awful lot of bugs still, this is still an Alpha game and personally feel that the bugs still need to be addressed b4 new content is added after putting my concerns into the steam forums i got a response from the devs So patches are released but some have broken the game further. Some people have been able to play the game without trouble others have been plagued by them. The game is similar to ark survival (2500hrs)in the leveling process. Playing on your own is liable to lead to the reviewers experience..perhaps a pve server would have found a more favourable experience. This game is about(clan) base building/raiding and discovering the hidden places that bases can be built making it harder and harder to siege. The avatars in the end are way to op. I can build an avatar in as little as 6 hours(lv 50(base being in the right location)) and it will take longer than that to make 80 odd t3 foundations that an avatar can walk through like butter. £27.00 is too much in my opinion for the game in its current state(Just my opinion). Can be a lot of fun in a clan with teamspeak...Just my pennies worth.
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