In Praise of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Puzzle-Solving

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proxess 3rd April 2017, 10:18 Quote
I usually spend my time playing MMOs or FPS games or just being away from the keyboard in general. I just prefer some interaction.
Then my girlfriend got me a Switch and Zelda for our anniversary (I have no idea how I'm gonna top that one next year, I lost this year).

She hasn't seen me since.

I'm absolutely loving the game. The way the game becomes slowly more difficult, the way it slowly starts throwing side quests in your direction. The way you can just run about and do things in whichever way you feel.

I lose hours of sleep because I undock the Switch and lay in bed, do a Shrine "or two" and suddenly realize I've got to get up in 5 hours. It also plays so hard on that nostalgic feeling of having a Gamboy with me.
perplekks45 3rd April 2017, 13:23 Quote
The engine seems to be absolutely stunning when it comes to providing players a chance to "have it their way".

@ Jake: I couldn't help but smile at the picture of hackerman from Kung Fury. :D
Porkins' Wingman 5th April 2017, 10:43 Quote
Do you ever return to a game you haven't played for a while, but really enjoyed, and experience that delight in being reminded why it was you liked it so much? I get this with Mario Kart 8 - I play it for a couple of nights, then leave it for maybe a month or two, then come back to it and I'm right back in love with it for a couple of nights.

Well, I got that feeling playing Breath of the Wild last night, except.... it hadn't been a while since I'd last played, I'd played it the day before (I've played it everyday bar one since it launched). I've only logged about 60 hours so far, but I can't think of many other games that I could play for 30 days in a row and still find myself revelling in its magnificence like I do with BotW.
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