Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

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Tattysnuc 10th March 2017, 16:48 Quote
Rick -

Thank you for your witty review. I've chuckled away while running very time consuming dull jobs at work

Nice one :)
David 10th March 2017, 18:20 Quote
Taking the piss out of it is certainly more entertaining than writing a samey review almost indistinguishable for every other one out there.

I approve. :D
Otis1337 10th March 2017, 22:22 Quote
seems like ubi is on a roll for pushing out trash atm
SexyHyde 12th March 2017, 16:09 Quote
This review was more fun than the time I had in the beta.
perplekks45 13th March 2017, 07:48 Quote
Thanks for not just taking any old Ubisoft open world game review and replacing [old title] with [new title]. This was a fun review. ;)
destaids 13th March 2017, 14:15 Quote
Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Thank you for making this more entertaining than (apparently) the game itself :)
Chris_Waddle 13th March 2017, 16:15 Quote
An excellent review that sums up the game extremely well

Being the type of person who is happy to grind in games, I'm really enjoying it. Graphics are beautiful but as per the review, the writing is awful, characters are totally forgettable (although it is nice to hear my character speak for a change) and there are several bugs.

Bugs I encounter (not mentioned in the review) are finally getting to a location to find that my drone has gone and can't be reclaimed till I logout. The jump/climb button stops working, again meaning I have to logout. It's also quite easy to get trapped in the rocks/scenery with no way of getting out except to fast travel (if you are in a fight at the time you have to quit the game).

Saying all this, I have had so many laughs with friends as we each totally screw up a mission in a variety of different ways. I will easily get my money's worth from it.
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