Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

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Pete J 1st March 2017, 13:11 Quote
I fear this may be being overshadowed with the announcement of a certain new GPU.

This game makes me want to buy a PS4 - suffice to say, I would've snapped this up in a heartbeat on PC. I think when the remastered Wipeout comes out, I may have to indulge.
Syphadeus 1st March 2017, 16:21 Quote
I got this yesterday and am really enjoying it. There are some very formulaic elements in it a la open world games, but it's such a fresh lick of paint on it, it seems fresher than it is. Plus as stated it's beautiful and reeks of effort put into making it feel solid.
GravitySmacked 1st March 2017, 16:57 Quote
I played a couple of hours last night and so far so very good :)
sandys 1st March 2017, 17:38 Quote
I love the look of this game but I have struggled to get in to these open world fetch quest games, they all seem to take too long to get going, so I have bought and barely played Ass. Creed, Fallout 4 and Far Cry.

Skyrim did work for me for quite a while as I liked exploring the environments and some genuinely funny stuff would happen, whilst I never finished it I got a good 40odd hours out of it before tiring, but I think I like being pushed along a path in faux openness with some story ala Tombraider suits me more, but I have a Pro hooked to a 4K HDR TV….it kind of seems rude not too…..
JakeTucker 2nd March 2017, 10:43 Quote
It /is/ very pretty.
jrs77 2nd March 2017, 11:43 Quote
Too bad it's not available for PC.

I would instantly buy a PS4, if it would offer native mouse+keyboard input to play all the games. I simply can't stand gamepads other than for sports-games.
Porkins' Wingman 2nd March 2017, 12:56 Quote
It's hardly Breath of the Wild, but I'll pick this up in 3 or 4 years when I start catching up on the PS4.
LEGOhairRunner 4th March 2017, 07:53 Quote
About 10 hours in. Really enjoying it so far.
Originally Posted by Pete J
I think when the remastered Wipeout comes out, I may have to indulge.
Did you try Redout?
It's a really great anti grav racer.
LennyRhys 5th March 2017, 18:48 Quote
I saw a display for this game in Tesco the other day - the promotional art is beautiful--easily some of the best I've ever seen--and it sounds very much like the game lives up to it. Will be checking out some gameplay vids later as I do not have a PS4.
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