Way of the Gun: What Mechanics Should 2017's Shooters Steal?

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dstarr3 11th January 2017, 16:15 Quote
All I want is for regenerating-health military shooters to go away.
Cheapskate 13th January 2017, 17:59 Quote
Titanfall sounds interesting.
One thing I've hated lately is games that reward exploring with death. "Oh, you stepped out of the prepared corridor onto a rocky ledge? -Boom! you are dead."
Anfield 13th January 2017, 18:56 Quote
Just make sure the guns work properly like in Doom, feel free to experiment with the rest:D
VipersGratitude 19th January 2017, 15:15 Quote
Another list I see....from the school of "look at these games, look at them".

I think it's arguable that bit-tech is a site of intellectual expertise bordering on obsession. People here spend time thinking about the colour of the screws they'll use to mount their ssd on custom 3d-printed standoffs. When they get the thing running, they'll go on to tweaking clock speeds, and ram timings, refresh rates (oh my!). The hardware-centric articles and news reflect this. There is an expertise in those articles, born from a lifetime of obsession...

Then there's the gaming side. The gaming articles don't investigate games. There's no expertise beyond treating them as consumer goods with a risk/reward ratio. The tone is completely different. It's a console-deep interest in games, rather than a PC-deep interest in games - Often lists, just like this one. Meanwhile, this is what your counterparts/competitors were doing years ago -

I just think it would be more fulfilling for everyone - including you - if you, a games journalist, took more interest in games.
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