Wargaming Fest: Meeting Dolph Lundgren and Taxi Rides from Hell

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XXAOSICXX 20th December 2016, 16:45 Quote
An amusing write up, Rick. Your comment about the beef had me in stitches - I know exactly what you're talking about... A shame about your interview though. Of course, ultimately, the moral of the tale here, is: if you're in the business of doing business, you probably owe it to yourself to get a proper phone... iPhones are for grand-parents and teenagers.
RickLane 20th December 2016, 17:29 Quote
Thanks! Actually, I think the moral of the story is for me to remember to bring my dedicated dictaphone with me, and not leave it on my desk at home and have to rely on a device I'm unfamiliar with.

Also, never get into a taxi in Russia, ever. That's the other moral of the story.
Cthippo 20th December 2016, 21:47 Quote
That has to be one of the most entertaining things I've ever read on bit. Awesome job ;)

Taking the train to Moscow would be awesome
Cthippo 26th December 2016, 05:46 Quote
PaulJG 27th January 2017, 13:00 Quote
Brightened my day that.. just a shame I had to reach the end of it - need to send you back! - for longer... or somewhere new.. ;) - I'd stil like to know the answer to the question asked though, what did he think of gaming, comparing it to the movie world?
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