Space Hulk: Deathwing Review

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Pete J 19th December 2016, 13:58 Quote
A fair article in my opinion. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet, but hope to do so over Christmas with a friend.

In regards to the weapons lack 'umph', I found the ranged weapons okay but the melee weapons were a let down. The Vengeance assault cannon had a nightmare epilespy flash though.

I'm glad you didn't award it the trashcan award. While not the best game ever, it's still playable enough, certainly to 40K fans as you mention.
gosh 19th December 2016, 19:50 Quote
as a big fan of both wh40k and horde mode games like killing floor/l4d i'll be jumping on this when it gets a steam free weekend but seems too buggy (in 2016 ?) plus worse, not that satisfying to play.
XXAOSICXX 20th December 2016, 09:37 Quote
A good review of a flawed game. Not sure where you got your pricing from, though. 50 quid??? It's £30 on steam (reduced near-permanently to £25)
GeorgeK 20th December 2016, 10:18 Quote
I wonder if that's the console pricing or RRP?
Grimloon 20th December 2016, 11:07 Quote
As Pete J said, a fair article. I both like it and am disappointed by many aspects, the plasma cannon sound needs to be beefier, the storm bolters sound like a 50 cal rather than inch plus calibre rocket propelled explosive shells - think more *WHOOSH**KABOOM!*" than *BLAM!* The assault cannon is very lacklustre as well, should be more like a 20 mm Vulcan than a minigun.

Resolution options are minimal, 1440P is the highest it goes and it struggles, temporal AA is horrible as when the frame rate drops at random intervals your screen just goes to static and you can't see anything. Multiplayer bins you out randomly, even when you're the host, weapons stop responding completely for no apparent reason and movement also disappears on occasion despite you not having taken full damage to legs which is the in game cause.

However, when you do get in to a game that works it's fun. Sort the technical issues out and add some variable spawns rather than set pieces it'll be decent. Add a full co-op campaign and it'll be better than that.
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