Final Fantasy XV Review

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Flibblebot 13th December 2016, 17:34 Quote
Interesting review - apart from one thing: caveat is a noun, not a verb. You can't caveat something ;)

I've heard similar things about FFXV from a friend who is a self-confessed FF geek - but I think, given that it's been so long in development, that it was always going to suffer from problems. My friend said that even though it stands on its own merits as an FF game, it doesn't really stand up so well against other more recent games.

I might wait until it hits the bargain bins before giving it a look.
Dogbert666 13th December 2016, 17:54 Quote
Originally Posted by Flibblebot
Interesting review - apart from one thing: caveat is a noun, not a verb. You can't caveat something ;)

Good eye. Fixed, thanks!
Cheapskate 13th December 2016, 20:45 Quote
The title is wrong. This is Fujoshi Fantasy I.
gosh 14th December 2016, 02:16 Quote
was £31 on amazon but i guess i'll wait for cheaper as i still have witcher 3 GOTY to crack on with (which may take a while as soon as i get somewhere new i am compelled to hoover up all the gwent cards in the area, even though i dislike the standalone gwent beta).

shame it's been reviewed as being a bit dated - i loved crisis cores action rpg-ing so don't mind this being even action-ier but with mgs5 and w3 destroying the genre forever even great open world games like mad max get ignored, or worse compared.
Gomfs 30th December 2016, 10:29 Quote
FF XV is better than any of the 3 XIII games but still doesn't feel like a true FF game. is more like a FF inspired Kingdom Hearts open world game.
nothing bad about it, just need to set the mind to that this is more like an KH in fight and roll on and you will get a good experience out of it.
story-vice its modern Final Fantasy, teens more fit a emo boy-band visually saving the world from some bad ****.
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