It's Time To Give Diablo III Another Shot

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Evolutionsic 22nd November 2016, 16:15 Quote
I bought this game yesterday when i heard they were bringing the best class / character setup of all time back being the Necromancer.

I’ve played 100s of games searching for something similar where you could walk around with 40 summons and nothing, absolutely nothing! I’ve even thought about rebuilding a similar class in a game from scratch because for years and years i’ve needed to scratch that itch!

So 16 years later necromancer ole friend, we meet again
JakeTucker 22nd November 2016, 16:30 Quote
I am so excited for the Necromancer to return. It's the reason I started playing again, I think. Would recommend you skip the story and have a bash at the adventure mode. Feels more like classic Diablo 2 farming.
iggy 22nd November 2016, 16:31 Quote
Aterius Gmork 23rd November 2016, 13:09 Quote
To everyone considering picking up this game: Don't. It's just one power creep after the other. Every patch you get to farm for new equipment that'll do a few billion dps more. Maybe even trillions by now, who knows.

I'd try Path of Exile instead. There's lots of power creep in that game as well lately, but most of that power creep is due to new mechanics and an item or two. You don't have to bin ALL of your eqipment every patch.

Oh, and we have a necromancer as well.
Her DPS is dumpster tier though.
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