Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

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Jimbob 10th November 2016, 15:54 Quote
I played 15 minutes or so, apart from once when I was forced to throw a grenade type jobbie and once to shoot 1 of 4 people I managed to play the rest of the level without doing anything at all. I just walked about letting my AI buddies do all the shooting etc. Almost everything is scripted and I was there just a sightseer.
K.I.T.T. 10th November 2016, 16:34 Quote
It looks like the last few Halo games all rolled into one and a few years late.
wardogz 10th November 2016, 17:14 Quote
Well, the user comments on Steam highly criticise this game.
EnricoB 10th November 2016, 17:53 Quote
I was about to get this game, and then I did some research: I eventually figured that Titanfall 2 is a much better game for the money. Still haven't gotten it though, I'm waiting for the weekend

If someone else has Titanfall 2 they could chime in
DAVEtheRAVE 10th November 2016, 18:07 Quote
I really enjoyed it, but I'm yet to delve into the multiplayer.
fix-the-spade 10th November 2016, 19:46 Quote
Not sure I agree on the writing and voice acting. E3N excepted the characters seem to speak entirely in stilted platitudes, I'm sure there will be a Youtube supercut of all the awkward silences sooner or later. It's a bit wrong when the robot has the most fluid delivery!

It's so ridiculously serious too, even Titanfall's goodies and baddies are less cartoonish and extreme than Admiral Koch (seriously, they named him Cock?). In Titanfall they have an 80's action movie air to them (especially Blisk the evil Seth Effriken), here it's like totally serious you guys stop laughing. As with Ghosts and Modern Warfare 2/3 it wears thin long before the end. It doesn't even have Kevin Spacey hamming it up or BlOps 3's glorious weirdness to break up the tone.
Pete J 11th November 2016, 05:02 Quote
The important question is: does this scratch that itch for Star Citizen while we wait for its release?
Xir 11th November 2016, 06:05 Quote
Single player sounds like fun ;-)
JakeTucker 11th November 2016, 11:37 Quote
I've played Titanfall and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare to completion, and prefer Titanfall, although your mileage may vary.
perplekks45 11th November 2016, 11:53 Quote
Other reviews seem to criticise the game far more harshly for its heavy reliance on scripted events. I even remember one review mentioning the AI taking over steering the ship during dogfights without you being able to do anything against it. I don't mind linearity in shooters (I love the new Doom) but shooting for 2 minutes between two 3-5 minute long cut scenes? Not for me, thanks.
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