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raxonb 8th August 2014, 11:15 Quote
Played this at a friends and at first I was like "this seems cool"... but like the review says it is excruciatingly repetitive. Play the first few levels, start over with a new character to check out the different moves and you'll be done in 15-20 minutes.

And why does that blasted wheel have to be turned exactly six times on every other level?!?!

I was slightly less forgiving with the humour but it is quite poor - probably why I did find it funny.

If anyone has already bought the game, download a trainer, get yourself up to level 50 straight away and unlock all your attacks, and you can virtually 1 hit kill 90% of the game.

Never played Sacred 1 or 2 but heard they were very good. This at best gets 4/10 from me.
XXAOSICXX 8th August 2014, 11:23 Quote
Sacred 2 had the potential to be very good...but it was SOOOO(x10-to-the-power-of-a-thousand) buggy it was, in practical terms - for me at least - unplayable. Constant CTDs and quest bugs etc. I had hoped for something similar in Sacred 3, but something that worked.

Alas, it seems Sacred 3 is anything but similar to its predecessors, which is a shame. I'll be giving this one a miss and sticking to D:OS.
kosch 8th August 2014, 12:28 Quote
Was hoping this was going to be sacred 2 with bells and bug fixes on but alas no. At least I didn't pre-order :)
LordPyrinc 8th August 2014, 17:11 Quote
What a shame... I too experienced a lot of issues with the previous title Sacred 2. Random lockups that would cause you to lose quite a bit of progress if you hadn't saved recently. In that respect, the original Sacred was much better. My dad still plays the hell out of that game. When I first saw the title come up on Steam, my first thought was that's a bit pricey... glad I never got any further than that in considering a purchase. I think the experience with Sacred 2 really killed my love of what could have been a really good series.
SinxarKnights 8th August 2014, 20:18 Quote
Yeah I was thinking of getting this until I watched TotalBiscuit's review of it. It appears that the only thing it has in common with the previous games is the name. I have Sacred 2 and could never get into it because of the super close camera. I was really hoping this would be the game that hooked me... Now I am very happy I didn't buy it.
SchizoFrog 9th August 2014, 04:23 Quote
If there is any benefit to games like this it, it is that they inspire such amusing reviews. I enjoyed the little dig at Bieber too, although I haven't really stop smiling since he got punched by Orlando Bloom. :)
raxonb 9th August 2014, 19:27 Quote
I have to change my review score to 3/10 after discovering that this takes up 20 gig of your precious hard drive space! I mean I know that games very well are becoming that size but this?

What the hell has all that code been used for? The awful jokes?

I'll take Shovel Knight any day
mi1ez 10th August 2014, 22:46 Quote
Is it just me or do the shadows go in different directions in that second photo?
iggy 11th August 2014, 12:22 Quote
Only bad sarcasm requires no talent.
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