World of Tanks: Blitz Review

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Impatience 18th July 2014, 09:49 Quote
Hmm.. I'm going to have to download this and see if it's any good now!

EDIT: Maybe after a clear-up of some music/pictures.. It's 665Mb!
freshsandwiches 18th July 2014, 10:59 Quote
Will there be an android version?


Answered my own question.
gosh 18th July 2014, 14:36 Quote
for those familiar with the PC version can anyone highlight the differences ? from screenshots it seems to have rather full tech trees and crew skills, are the matches shorter on mobile ?

eagerly awaiting this for android
Impatience 18th July 2014, 14:44 Quote
When I get home, i'll have a look! Hopefully it's pretty much the same!
Impatience 20th July 2014, 21:17 Quote
Ok.. Graphics are great and it's pretty much the full version! Only US, Chinese and Russian tanks are available, but it runs really smoothly!

Averaging 55-60FPS on a iPhone 5.. I know that because it has a ping and fps reading in small white text at the bottom corners.

Matches are 7mins long and there's a lot of maps on it! However, it does turn your phone into a giant soldering iron! :) Plus the battery drain is ridiculous..
gosh 21st July 2014, 01:10 Quote
cheers for the reply, hoping it won't melt my moto G when it ships for 'droid - if it's basically the full game with touch controls i dunno if i'll have time to sit and complete a match when on the go.
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