Batman: Arkham Origins Review

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Deders 7th November 2013, 23:39 Quote
Originally Posted by faugusztin
Rocksteady Studios, not Rockstar.

My bad, thanks for the correction. I will punish myself accordingly :(:(:(
faugusztin 8th November 2013, 00:13 Quote
Fun fact: i just did replay Arkham Asylum (as i got the GOTY version for free as everyone with non-GOTY version). Not only i finished the game in half time compared to Arkham Origins, but i had more crashes with Asylum in one hour than in the all 20+ hours in Origins.
Crunchy 8th November 2013, 11:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Gareth Halfacree
As a singular data point: a friend of mine, playing the game on console (couldn't tell you which one), had a bug corrupt his save game 20 hours in. He's genuinely considering pushing the disc through a shredder.

Maybe he should poke the disc up a WB or said console manufacturer's bim-bam.
It's not the disc's fault and i'm sure it would be happier :D

Fair one, dude. Still find Mat's disdain for the game baffling at best.
I've calmed down since going on a mad one the other day, bit i've still got some serious O.o going on...
treker_ed 9th November 2013, 10:19 Quote
would be okay to play if we could actually install it -

Basically, steam is saying we have bought a version for another region and thus will not let us install - this is not just limited to the UK - there have been posts from Singapore, Croatia, Malaysia, Italy, Sweden - but WB have not responded other than saying it may be sorted in 48 hours but nothing since - this is a joke. Maybe if we make it more public WB may get off there collective backsides and allow us to play a game we have legitimately purchased
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