The Stanley Parable Review

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SchizoFrog 18th October 2013, 16:09 Quote
Both the demo and the game are available through Steam with the demo being free and the game currently having a 20% discount to make it only £7.99 (was £9.99).
wolfticket 18th October 2013, 17:32 Quote
I actually stopped reading the review after the first line :)

I've played the demo and watched a play through of the original mod, but want to come at the full game fresh.
Somer_Himpson 19th October 2013, 09:43 Quote
Sounds ass
DriftCarl 19th October 2013, 15:10 Quote
OK after reading this review I went and got the demo. Honestly I don't get it. The narrator is witty and funny sometimes, but either they didn't get the feel for the game through the demo or the demo is a good representation of the game and I don't understand it.
The review mentioned choice, I didn't see any in the demo except staying in a room for a little longer pushing 8.
faugusztin 19th October 2013, 15:53 Quote
In demo there is no choice. In game it is all about the choice. And consequences of those choice(s). Still, the demo is a good representation of the game - it the narrator, Stanley (you) and the enviroment.
wafflesomd 19th October 2013, 19:02 Quote
In before people with no imagination have the game go way above their heads....

Oh looks like I'm too late.
oasked 19th October 2013, 21:01 Quote
Thanks for the heads-up - I enjoyed the demo, I still won't be buying the game though.

It was an amusing way to spend half-an-hour. :)
DriftCarl 20th October 2013, 14:18 Quote
I watched a stream of the game yesterday. The demo is not a good representation of the game as I suspected.
Nutyy 20th October 2013, 19:05 Quote
Eight, eight, eight, 8.

The review was 8/10


I'm enjoying the full game and yes there is lots of choice.

I really only posted this as an excuse to spam eight. 8. 88888888!!!!
faugusztin 20th October 2013, 19:13 Quote
Originally Posted by Nutyy

Nah, 430. And new age music :).
Saivert 20th October 2013, 20:36 Quote
This guy deserve some money regardless of what you think of they game. I would have donated money if he didn't actually sell the game. We need more of this.
mrbens 23rd October 2013, 23:14 Quote
It should be called The Desmond Parable!
Bokonist 24th October 2013, 17:17 Quote
Played the Mod and absolutely loved it, very clever. Played the demo the other day and I thought it was great too, but there are references to the original mod and to the pre-release trailers as well, emotion-boothes anyone? Anyway I bought it for £7.99 on steam and felt a little guilty about not paying full price. I have a day off work tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a couple of play-throughs.
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