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David 27th August 2013, 10:03 Quote
100% - wow, that's brave.

That said, it is the sort of game I'd enjoy so it's going on the list.
This design choice will likely turn away a lot of people. It's highly probable that you'll never reach the end, but if you feel you've the stubbornness to stick with it, Spelunky feels like a high dose of uncut perfect game design.
I don't mind the crushing difficulty, providing you feel like you've achieved something on completing a given task/level.
mi1ez 27th August 2013, 16:19 Quote
I'm in!
SubtleOne 27th August 2013, 23:49 Quote
I like it a lot. It is challenging (very) and quite fun. In fact, you soon stop minding the deaths so much, since you feel the next time you can do better. It just has that effect.
runadumb 28th August 2013, 07:47 Quote
I've played a lot of the free version and I plan on getting this. Just waiting to see whether I buy a vita or not. Shame that version doesn't have the daily challenge.
ChaosDefinesOrder 28th August 2013, 15:17 Quote
it seems that it's so rare to grant a 100% score that the logo for it is a 404! (for me at least...)
SubtleOne 28th August 2013, 16:15 Quote
Yes, the score is not appearing.
Lockinvar 1st September 2013, 10:43 Quote
I bought this and have sunk a few hours in so far - it's excellent. I didn't enjoy La-Mulana at all, but I'm happy with this purchase.
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