Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview

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Bonedoctor 31st July 2013, 10:31 Quote
"It was a raw, stripped down experience of a loan man" heading out looking for compound interest in a boring, actuarial world.

Talk good Ingland bros
DeckerdBR 31st July 2013, 13:04 Quote
I'm sorry but "Splinter Cell: Conviction was the pinnacle of the series and Blacklist has thus far been unable to match it, let alone surpass it."

No. Chaos Theory was the high point of the series, not Conviction, which while it was not terrible, it was pretty average, especially when compared to Chaos Theory! Conviction was more of an Action game with stealth elements and a decidedly average story.

The difference between Chaos Theory and Conviction is similar to the difference between Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman Absolution, with the former clearly being superior.

Blacklist just looks like complete trash, a splinter cell game in name only, broken down to the mass appeal of the XP grind for every shot/dog punch, that every game seems to have to have.

I wonder how many games Ubisoft have to ruin before people stop actually buying them?
DriftCarl 31st July 2013, 13:32 Quote
I am actually looking forward to this game. Basically because I got it free with my graphics card though.
raxonb 31st July 2013, 18:38 Quote
+1 on Chaos Theory
Somer_Himpson 31st July 2013, 21:03 Quote
I always massively look forward to a new Splinter Cell release. I am just hoping it isn't as dog punch bad as reviewed here.
I also like my dog and would never, ever punch him.
Unless he ate a slice of my pizza whilst I was taking a dump.
Then he can have it.
scott_chegg 1st August 2013, 12:54 Quote
My cat punches dogs all the time. He's flipping nails my cat.
abezors 1st August 2013, 18:19 Quote
^ Agreed, Chaos Theory was by far the pinnacle. Conviction had it's moments, but definitely showed signs of a downward trend.

Sounds like they should have made Blacklist a prequel where the various plot points would make more sense (why would Fisher, uber-leader of a spy division, be out in the field doing what any trained Echelon spy could do..)
fdbh96 1st August 2013, 19:12 Quote
I actually really enjoyed Conviction so I should imagine I'll enjoy this one too. Conviction also reminded me of Max Payne 3 which is one of the best games I've ever played :)
Griffter 5th August 2013, 13:36 Quote
Conviction not the best. being a big fan of sam, conviction IMO was not splintercell. it is one a my fav titles that year, but they could have made it into a new franchise and another character maybe, and i think would have been much better received.

splintercell is about feeling like a secret spy ninja and not a run and gun tough guy. this preview also never said anything about if its going back to the roots like they said it would. by the sounds of it, they giving us back all the gadgets but the gameplay of conviction. bit sad about that.

i want the game to be like the bank level in Chaos Theory.. now thats splintercell!
Krikkit 6th August 2013, 08:50 Quote
Chaos Theory is one of those defining moments in my games history... Wonderful game!

This sounds rather... Dull in comparison, and don't get me started on Conviction.
scott_chegg 13th August 2013, 00:30 Quote
Just finished conviction. I really enjoyed it.
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